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Announcment (Livonia)

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*The Radio crackles to life, the sound of paper being moved around can be heard followed by a man with a Belgian accent speaking*

So just read this huh?


Ok. Well

We are Kampfgruppe Phoenix

We are the the new Law in Nadbor

Given recent circumstances we have taken up the mantle of protecting the people of Nadbor and her surroundings

We will purge the filth that terrorizes this region

But we can not do it alone

We are in need of any supplies anyone can spare

We are in need of any recruits...

If you feel like you are lost in life with nothing to do and want to fight for the betterment of mankind. Come find us at the Church in Nadbor or contact us on our frequency 89.7.

With your help we can once again make this a peaceful and prosperous town.

And to those that want to see us destroyed, burned to the ground. The name is not a coincidence.

*He puts down the paper and looks up the man sitting across from him*

That was good right?


*The radio once again falls silent*



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  • MVP

"Last I heard there's only one group still in Nadbor, everyone else has moved on including King's Ridge. And forgotten mountain is no more."

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  • Sapphire

"Was macht die Deutsche wehrmacht hier? Aren't you needed in Germany after all? What are your battleplans regarding this all?" 

TRANSLATION: What is the German Armed forces doing here. 

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*The distinctive beep of a transmission coming through the radio can be heard*

"To clear up the misconception... we are not a German army or anything.

We are more so emulating a German battlegroup in practice.

Hope that helped clear some stuff up.


*The radio fades away*

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  • Sapphire

The feed was intercepted by the local, being close to the region was enough to be clear. 

"Co do cholery, first we got uuh... Americans, Swidish, now German. What's next, Mongolia? China? Let's become United cholery Nations in Nadbor...

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