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Shirt/Suit/Lab coat and Tie object?


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  • Legend

I think the big thing missing from DayZ's clothing pool is a tie. Why does no one wear a proper shirt unless its the shirt alone? Is it possible for such an object to be created for the Lab coat, shirt and suit jacket? I think it would be a small but great addition to the server's clothing pool as some people like to wear suits, and it simply looks strange to just wear a blazer and t-shirt.

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  • MVP

I like this idea. Making a tie an attachment like we have with the canvas bag attachments, to a labcoat/suit jacket/smart shirt would be a cool addition, I just wonder if it would be too complex to fit it on or not.

I wanna see some posh lads with ties. +1 More fashion plox

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  • Diamond

Now I have very little knowledge in dayz coding. However maybe make it a simple mask attachment. And work it like the shemag we currently have, ie have the ability to “fold” it into different models with different lengths to fit the suit or just basic tie. 

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  • Diamond

Attach it to the neck slot, simple, instead of a shemagh you'd wear a tie, it'd be able to be found out in the world as part of the lootpool, but honestly. I find it to be a little useless other than a cosmetic that most people will not even use.

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Yes definitely. The suits which are in the game look ridiculous because they come with a t-shirt underneath them. No respecting person wears a t-shirt with a suit! Ask hitman!

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