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Urban Legends & Facts of both Regions


Would the community like to have Urban Legends & Region Notes on the Forums?  

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  • Sapphire

Hello, DayZRP Community,


I want to propose a interesting idea on the table, this is not a mod but more on the Lore side of things. This new idea will come with graphics if given and other media to help in coloring up the said thread.

Urban Legends :

Ever saw something in the world and thought "Hey, this is rather spooky, is there anything about it?", we do have some left over, dust gathered Urban Legends and myths but I believe a revision and polish could work wonders. Now with the addition of Livonia, that can be extended to include both regions.
Here, me and the Loremasters team can work on developing some new facts and legends of Chernarus and Livonia to spice up things, most notable is the Green Mountain Radio Legend, put some play into it.

Regional Facts & Notes :

What do I mean by this? While we have stories and legends of X and Y, here I detail what happened on Z Location, how it got that way, what is known. As well as details like what happened at Kamensk Military, why is that region hazardous, etc. 

Disclaimer :

I know this information could be meta'd? But it all falls down to each, included can be ways how this was known, like "Found in X file" (get it?) and other sources in-game. This can also help new characters curious to add some interesting backstory to use this information.


Why not.


Let me know what you think and if you got ideas, let us know. Thank you for reading ❤️

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  • Legend


Reach out to the Loremasters before starting anything fresh, as a lot of it is already covered. Or may be changing on their whims! 

The above is some of the urban legends. I'd like the idea of having it all located in a singular easy to reference place, but not sure how much movement there will be on that.



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  • Sapphire
33 minutes ago, Rover said:


But of course. I already discussed and proposed this to Staggs, and I will get more LM on the line as this voting is ongoing. This was more of a it's ok to go or not, interest check. The rest over details come or not depending on the outcome.

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I have seen those links before, what Rover shared with us, there are some interesting ones. Beyond that in character I have utilized my sparse knowledge of Slavic folklore. So when some of our friends were attacked in the forest by something they couldn't identify my character suggested it might have been the Leshy, the forest spirit. All these myths and legends can bring an extra layer of colour and flavour to the story!


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  • MVP

Honestly I will always +1 stuff like this, it really helps native characters when it comes to local knowledge and all sorts, makes to easier to RP a realistic character.

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  • Diamond

Agreed. I love Telling stories but I need to make em up and hope that another local plays along with it. This would be awesome. 

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  • Sapphire

Seems there is some interest for it. When the time is right, I will contact the lore masters and have something going on! 

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