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Redwood Community Center - Temporary Issues (Chernarus)


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*A tired and fed up, extremely grumpy, old Chernarussian man's voice breaks the silence on 102.5Mhz*

"Ol' Grigoriy here! Just thought to let you all know out there that we had to shut down our charity shed in Zelenogorsk by our Community Center. While fighting the Russian soldiers, one of those churak, son of a forest troll bandits have emptied their magazine into the already worn structure, damaging the supplies and the building itself. It means that our charity service is temporarily unavailable. We apologize to everyone who relied on our help and support and hope to restore our service to the people of Zelenogorsk and South Zagoria soon.

*Brief pause, then a cough before continues*
"I would like to ask every gun happy and itching trigger fingered bugger to stay away from us. We are trying to help people here by providing basic necessities, showing humanity in these dark times. I don't care if you hate the Russian Army soldiers, the Chernarussians or whoever and whatever, keep it outside of Zelenogorsk. If your believes stop you from behaving like a civilized human being, you are not welcome. We don't want to do anything with your petty wars! The people of South Zagoria deserve peace, rest and a full stomach, regardless where they have been born or what language they speak."

*Deep sigh, the old man calming himself*

We will be back on our feet and welcome every weary traveler and survivor around our campfire, just as we did before! Remember people, you are all the spirit of South Zagoria now! 

"Grigoriy over and out."

*After some fumbling and button clicking the transmission finally ends.*

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The crackling of a campfire can be hear as the PTT is pressed

"Hey Grigoriy, Christoph here. I few guys told me about your centre some days ago. Sorry to hear that you are having issues. If you need anything bringing in such as food or pelts, let me know. I will be listening out for you. Over"


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"This is Fae, I come by now and then.
Let me know what you need and we will attempt to gather some materials for you.

It might be worth reinforcing the sides and back of the shed in future"

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*Footsteps are heard as the PTT is pressed* 

"Hello Grigoriy Fintan here, I am sad to hear about the charity shed. I am near Zelenogorsk. If you need any food or any assistance then let me know. Redwood has helped people like me and I think its time to return the favor. out" Releases the PTT and lights a cigar

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