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Chapter 3


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This is essentially the continuation of the journey of two characters, Majoo's and mine, as the journey ingame has come to an end.  
A product of severe boredom I had to endure during school once a week, a few months ago.
Everything prior to this is documented on our character pages.

I'll continue to post stuff as I edit it. As of right now the first entry (shortest one) takes up 3 pages in my little document, in total I have ~35. I have a direction on where to go with this is what I am trying to say, but that just on a side note. 
The form it is written in is a bit weird because I wanted it to be a diary at first, which it really isn't. More the thoughts of a person while he is writing it, but that changes later on as well.
Feedback is very much appreciated. 











According to my watch, today's date is the 27th of February 2020. The time is… it is a few minutes past 10 p.m., Monday evening. I don’t remember the last time I actually wrote down my thoughts. If I had to guess, maybe one year ago? When I saw that Emily wrote down stuff in her diary… I wonder if she is alright.
I tried it myself a few times but ultimately burned the pages. When I’m looking at my little book here... I ripped out most of the pages, even the drawings. It’s nice to dwell in memories sometimes, but you’re… at least I feel like there is always a tiny risk of getting consumed by them? If that makes any sense whatsoever, losing focus of what is truly important… something along those lines, I just wanted to move on from everything that happened. So, I got rid of the things that remind me of the past. Well not all of them, I still got my necklace and I will definitely hold onto it. Don’t want to be haunted by some old Russian lady in my dreams.

God, that was a sad day, we finally managed to get the medicine for the poor boy and then he decided to die the day after. Tripped, fell, broke his neck, died, fucking stupid. Still don’t really understand why she wanted me to have his necklace but I didn’t really wanna argue with her in that moment and mental state she was in. After this, she always put a smile on my face when she greeted me, full of energy, she was very caring even though I told her that it’s unnecessary and that we were happy to “help”. Now that I think of it, maybe she wanted to replace her dead son with me and Maxim. But I am no psychologist, would have to consult Doctor Shock for that, fucking idiot.
What a great start, already derailed from the initial intention I had with this… I could just re-write this, but where would be the authenticity in that?

We’ve been traveling through Eastern Poland for, give or take, two weeks now. We are now in... or near would be a more accurate description, a tiny village called “Boćwinka”.
Most houses here are abandoned. Two weeks since I left famous bandit-hunter John Smith and his fellowship and the two of us went on our way back home.
Would love to know what number they are at now, the last one I heard was 489? Not sure though, just glad I could contribute to the little countdown.

Either way, the village we are at is dead, only the little store in the center of the town is still inhabited. Never bothered to ask anyone in Livonia, but wouldn’t surprise me if this area was evacuated because of the skirmishes with the Russians? The nukes? If that is even true. Nobody ever really cared about all of this in and around Nadbór, or shared information about this incident, but to be fair I never asked either.
The original owner of the store here , Martin lives together with his neighbors and their 8-year-old daughter, lovely people. Sofie liked the girl so much that she wanted to take her along with us, her father obviously disagreed with that.
We stopped here on our way to Malbork because it finally started snowing and settled down for now at a small cabin. The cabin is on a hill behind a line of trees, more or less overlooking the village.

We only discovered it because we heard shots in the distance, otherwise we would have missed it and continued traveling for a bit longer. Unfortunately the two of us figured out rather quickly what those shots, we heard, were all about. Figured out who they were aimed and fired at.
Someone felt the need to murder an old defenseless man. His dog, a husky, was barking nonstop. He was locked into the bedroom of the house, while it’s owner was lying outside the house, dead, covered by the fresh snow that was painted red.
Whoever did this... he shot the old man in the head… twice, low caliber, probably a pistol, close range. The first bullet was probably enough to end it all, second one to make sure it’s over.
Supplies were scattered on the floor, leaving a short trail, revealing that the murderer ran uphill, into the forest.
While Sofie looked around a bit more in and outside of the house, I followed the tracks he left in the snow and chased after him. The shots occurred about 20 minutes ago, which meant he had quite a head start. While I was confident enough that I could catch up to him or her by sheer speed, the tracks faded away and got covered by fresh snow faster and faster the deeper I progressed into the forest.
It was pointless, the tracks were disappearing now (the slightest issue I had with the situation), a small storm was brewing on the horizon and without any knowledge of the area or it’s people, I decided to turn around and walked back to the house where Sofie was. I wouldn’t know what to do with the person anyways if I caught up and is it really my business? Chances are the old man is at fault and the other person acted in self defense... yeah, not my problem.
Sofie released the dog from its captivity while I was gone and searched the house for more clues about this … crime? The husky was just sitting outside, next to it’s dead owner when I returned. Sofie then showed me what was inside the house. It seemed like both, the old man and whoever murdered him lived here. At least for a few weeks. Makeshift bed, table set for two. We brought our stuff inside, carried the body over into the backyard and buried it in front of a tree there.

Not gonna lie, it is kind of strange to take over a house after the owner got murdered less than an hour ago, but the heavy snowfall and fog didn’t allow us to continue. His loss, our gain, nothing we can do about it. We stayed there for two days, I occasionally went down into the village to trade with Martin, reported to him that we found the dead body and would take care of his dog for now.
They told me that he was known for letting travelers stay at his cabin, in return he only asked for help with firewood and... well all those kinds of things he was struggling with, given his age. Sounded like he reached the end of the line anyways, health-wise.
Apparently, his last guest was a tall young woman with red hair... the more you know. I doubt we will run into her again and with that detailed description… could be fucking anyone.
Other than that, I scavenged for food in the forest, hunted a deer, searched around the village for anything of interest.
I wanted to shoot at something, practice. Cans, Infected, anything really, but ever since we left Livonia, Sofie and I, felt very different. We both enjoy it, but there is always a trade off. Shoot and have fun = attention, and neither of us felt like dealing with… anything really. It’s the first time ever since this virus broke out that neither of us know what we are going to get into next. I haven’t visited Poland since I was 12, Sofie hasn’t been here at all, unless you wanna count driving across the border to buy cheap fuel, cigarettes etc.
The only thing we have now is each other. She’s been in Chernarus for two years. I've been there for one year. Both of us made… well yes, let’s say friends over there, which was for lack of a better term some sort of security.
We then left together towards Russia, where my sister and Maxim were, they took care of us for a while, so there was this security again. Maxim made sure our trip west towards Livonia went without any trouble.
And in Livonia, there were Wulf, Mr. Sand and in the end Smith and his people.



Now, it’s just the two of us, well and Leo I guess. Sofie called the dog Leo, as she couldn’t figure out it’s original name, Jona would love the name. Martin and the others inside the village didn’t know the old man had a dog and there was nothing inside the house either that would reveal it's name to us. Maybe he belonged to the red haired lady after all and not the old man? He just sat next to the corpse, didn’t make any sound and didn’t look sad, if that makes sense, never had a dog, not the slightest clue how they behave.
Knowing that, if we ever run into said woman she should recognize her dog. Maybe she will tell us why she killed the man and left Leo behind there in the cabin. I wouldn't mind hearing what she has to say.

What else is there to say? Sofie is just reading next to me right now. We are usually just sitting in front of the fireplace, on a couch around this time. Leo is just beside her, in between us. Other than that, she is trying to annoy me at every chance she gets, throwing snowballs at me while I split wood. Boredom? Maybe, pretty sure it’s something else though.
I’ve been feeling strange ever since we set out to head back home, but I cannot pinpoint it. It’s like, something… well I don’t know, but I have a hard time sleeping. Not all the time but it happens every other day that I just lay there next to her, thinking about all kinds of things. Mainly about the past though, so many things rush to my head and I don’t know how to deal with it.
I feel like it’s gonna get worse and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it will boil over at one point and I will realize what it is all about and then I can ‘fix it’. For now, I just try to distract myself from it, things are perfect really and I wanna enjoy the moment.










It has been quite an enjoyable trip so far. Everything seems so normal here… peaceful.
The few people we ran into all seemed nice, nothing fishy going on, just people like you and me, trying to make the best out of this nightmare we live in.
One woman we came across hinted towards the fact that there have been much darker times for the people of this region. They just kept going though, never gave up and eventually all those troublemakers, bandits, whatever you want to call this scum, wiped each other out. Humanity prevailed, parts of it at least.

We packed our bags and the, now, three of us went back down into the town to visit Martin, the shop-owner.
He gave us a quick rundown and told us the fastest and safest way to get to Malbork. I was surprised at how easy it sounded, nothing to be aware of, nothing that we should be afraid of.
After that and I don’t know where this generosity came from, he basically told us where we could get our hands on a bunch of fully functional cars.
So apparently, if we continue and move past a few towns, heading out towards the west, we would eventually reach a big factory, or a big company that produced furniture.
He said the garage there should still have all the delivery-trucks, vans and smaller cars inside that the company used in the past.
The keys for the building or the big garage he said he got from a friend's house, who used to work there.
He continued and explained to us that there shouldn’t be anyone there and added the fact that they used to have their own fuel pumps as well.
Just in case, I asked him for a full jerrycan that I could bring along. He had one, of course he did.
I paid him for it, grabbed it and tied it onto my backpack.
Besides that I had a quick discussion with Sofie regarding Leo. I was worried that taking him along would ultimately get him, the dog, or us hurt… random barking, running off… things like that.
But she quickly convinced me that it will be fine and my worries are unwarranted. She obviously pointed towards the fact that he followed her close wherever she went and listened to everything she said. Thinking about it, I don’t think she ever had a dog, at least I don’t remember her mentioning one.
I guess he just really liked her… he listens to me as well, but clearly has a favorite from the two of us, and it certainly wasn’t me… not even close.
We thanked Martin and his family for the help and said our goodbyes. The thought that this could be a trap did come to my mind a few times but proved to be unjustified, not really used to this strange amount of generosity, seems like people aren’t scumbags everywhere after all. Paranoia.

So we started heading west, past open fields and thick forests, using simple dirt paths.
Lot’s different stuff popped up in my head at this time, no clue where it came from, partly the same thoughts that stop me from sleeping sometimes. Not all of them were negative.
For example, I realized I couldn’t imagine traveling around with anyone other than Sofie at this point. Traveling around with Wulf and Smith in Livonia was fun, fun for sure. Just very different, like they both get all the fucking attention when they enter the room. Not my style, not what I prefer. To my and Sofie’s surprise, I actually told her that and thanked her for coping with my bullshit… to which she just laughed and said that I am too humble and that there isn’t really anything she or anyone else in that regard has to “cope with”. I guess she is correct?
This might have been the first time she actually hugged me, which… when I think about it is kind of weird, given all this time we spent together and all those stupid jokes I had to endure, being a “cute couple”. Other than my sister and Maxim, the only person I really want to and can rely on. We spent most of the time just walking... walking, talking and playing with Leo. 

After a few hours we reached the compound of the furniture company, where we got our car for the journey ahead of us. The compound really wasn’t anything special, just the way you would imagine it. Three big buildings, docking bays for trucks, a large parking lot, and lots of empty space in the courtyard that has been completely plastered with concrete.
Still thinking it could be a trap, I covered my face, put the M417 I still had with me in my hands and loaded it. Courtesy of our friends from the 503. Sofie just rolled her eyes and probably told the dog how stupid I am, no clue really, I couldn’t hear a word of what she said to him.
And as she predicted… There was no ambush, no trap, no nest full of rats. Just a big empty and dead area along with some poor lonely scavenger that busted out of one of the big buildings as soon as we entered the courtyard.
I aimed my rifle at him, to which he just quickly turned around, ran back inside and booked it, leaving through a window on the other side of the building, can’t blame him.
We found the fuel pumps and as expected they were dead. We then went into their gallery and took a look at the things they produced. Some stuff was destroyed, glass shards from smashed beer bottles were laying on the floor. One of the doors was covered in blood, graffiti's on the walls. Somebody had his fun. Overall not a place you wanna stay at. Time, people and especially the weather took it's toll onto the gallery, must have been nice before this mess. After that we proceeded to the garage, where the car was waiting for us.
Gate and door of it were closed, just as Martin said, no signs of anyone trying to enter by force either, strange. Sofie used the key to unlock the door and then opened the gate from the inside. The keys for the cars were inside of a desk in a small office room, as promised by Martin.
Inside the garage were mostly trucks and vans that they used for deliveries. Other than that, lots of things for maintenance. Spare tires, ropes for the security of the goods while being transported… things like that. Our new car was an older Version of the BMW M5. Seen it a lot but don’t recall which year it was from. The fuel tank of our car was full, but the battery was completely dead and it was quite a hassle to jump start it but we eventually managed to do it. We put our bags in the trunk together with the spare jerrycan I carried with me the whole way.

It’s been a while since I have driven a car but all in all it is one of those things you learn once, you never forget how it works for the rest of your life.
While I was driving, Sofie and Leo just sat in the back. She said in case we get shot at or crash, I’d just be me that dies in the front seat while she and her new best friend get away to safety… a logic I don’t quite follow, but somehow think she wasn’t serious about it.
The trip to Malbork was uneventful, the major roads / highways were cleared by the military a long time ago and we only had to take a few detours through the forests, fields and villages to move around blocked off areas on the more regular roads.
Once we reached the outskirts of the city, we parked the car in the backyard of a random house, checked it just to make sure no one lives there and then started heading into the center of Malbork, following the nearby train tracks.
Something about the streets south of the mainroad leading through Malbork made both of us uneasy and after 10 minutes we decided to turn around and headed straight to the castle instead.
It felt like we were being watched constantly, but nobody was there, and I am really not blind, I know how to hide, how to observe without getting noticed, that’s how I earned my pay for the better part of a year… there wasn’t much noise either, you could hear people at the castle north of us, but the streets down here were dead silent.
Oldtown shopping was postponed until we reached Danzig, fuck this place.

As we got closer to the castle we realized that the center of town was indeed dead and probably full of creeps. The new center was the castle and the apartment buildings around it. All of them were occupied and fortified. We didn’t bother much with the things around the castle and went straight up to the main building and asked for a tour, that was the only reason we were here, visiting the castle… the guards chuckled and shrugged it off, they didn’t deny us entry per se, but tourist and customer satisfaction seemed to be one of the lower priorities these days, and tours with that a rarity, reasonable. Luck favored us though and the man in charge that calls himself “Duke”... how creative, overheard us and somehow figured out that we are both German, no clue how… Sofie and I don’t really have a strong german accent. Duke was fluent in german himself and was born in Malbork. Once the outbreak hit and the military got overwhelmed, he organized the citizens of the town around the castle and built a bastion of sorts.
He said that these days he is seen as the mayor of the town by the polish government and from what he said, he works closely with the nearby military in Gdansk, our next destination.
He took care of the tour, we desired, personally and showed us around. After that he invited us for dinner with the rest of his men and women who lived up in the castle.
During the dinner he warned us about what we had already discovered. Insanity rules everything south of the main road and he advised us against going there, but I was intrigued to take another look, even though it contradicts what I said just a few minutes ago. Sofie was against it, but ultimately agreed to come along because I couldn’t get it out of my head.
Duke was definitely hiding something, you could hear it in his voice that there is something else in that part of the town, but if he doesn’t wanna talk about… I mean I am not gonna force him to.
He also told us a few basic things about Danzig. He explained that there is a safe zone provided by the polish military around the town center. A rather large one, that is completely walled off, with plenty of opportunities to buy and sell stuff. It extends from the river, to the west where the highway is and then north to the museum and parts of the harbor. The little island in the middle of the city is occupied as well and storage capabilities there are mainly used by the polish government and their logistics.
Since we were invited, we spent the night up at Duke’s place and headed back towards the car in the morning with a small detour through the “banned” area of the city.
We decided to leave Leo, our dog with Duke. At least for now, until we had decided what to do after this little sightseeing tour. The two seemed to get along nicely.



So we headed out, the feeling down here was still the same, as if you someone is constantly watching you. This time there were noises though.
The voice of a man yelling could be heard in the distance, telling someone or something to back off. While my polish isn’t the best… it’s terrible really, the few things he screamed, I understood. Very simple statements and demands. Upon following his voice, that kept repeating something along the lines of and I quote “Fuck off and die”, shots could be heard, followed by the very same voice screaming his lungs out. At this point we were just around the corner and everything was once again dead silent.
First we found one corpse… a woman, dirty clothes if you wanna call it that… she looked like a drug addict and had a knife in her cold dead hands. Dried blood was all over her hands, arms, her torso and face.
Around the corner, on the stairs leading downwards, another two bodies, shot in the head from close range. One of them had a very obviously broken arm, nasty to look at. Down the blood covered stairs, another body, this one was different though. It was the guy that we heard screaming and he wasn’t alone.
Three of those freaks were… I don’t know... feasting on him? No… not really, but it looked like it at first. They cut up his body, tried to remove arms… I really don’t know. Cannibals I assume?
Our presence obviously didn’t go unnoticed but I don’t think they expected anyone else coming… if they are still using their brain at all that is.
I assume our friend here was severely outnumbered or just had bad luck and thus got overwhelmed. We quickly grabbed our pistols and shot them while they still had their guard down, not much of a challenge. Their bodies looked similar to the ones we already found on our way here. We could have asked Duke what was really going on here, but honestly I don’t really give a shit. I don’t plan to come back here, EVER.
While I grabbed the Merc’s rifle, the dead guy we found and searched what was left of his body, Sofie found a Duffle-Bag that was in the Cafe we were next to, hidden behind the cashdesk.

Upon taking a closer look, Sofie found a note inside.






'All rights reserved to @MajooRB for his ultimate & elite roleplay that made it possible for this story to exist'

Not my words. He made the graphics, thanks for that.

Edited by RoCKiE
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Big roleplayer right there ? ^^

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  • MVP

For a moment I had hope. False hope, but still. Sadness. Good read.

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Just now, IsaiahCortez said:

For a moment I had hope. False hope, but still. Sadness. Good read.

That was my intention ?

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  • Sapphire

I love the character, I love the roleplay we had... and now I have slight tears in my eyes knowing he won't come back ^^' 

But a really good read!

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14 hours ago, Revie said:

I love the character, I love the roleplay we had... and now I have slight tears in my eyes knowing he won't come back ^^' 

But a really good read!

I the gods will it, then he shall return! Until then prayers go out to them.

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  • Sapphire

Its been a pleasure and an honor to be part of this story. Jona will miss the friendly banter between Alex and him o7

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Added a second part.

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