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Hi, im not good with code at all, and i wanted to ask for help, i hope this is good section, i'm trying to write a small journal for my character and i would like to use few pictures and different fonts to give it a certain climate, can you please instruct me on how to? I would really appreciate any tips and tricks, and again sorry if i choosed wrong section to ask for this kind of help. Thanks in advance.

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For pictures I usually use the choose files option at the bottom of the text box then just add the image.

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This is how the topic creation looks like. As you can see, you have the basics, like the typical Bold or italic to add for words, linking into sentences, quotes, etc.

You can color your sentences and change their side, but unfortunately there are no selections of font. 

What people usually do is create their own headers (guide for reference) or even create a fully photoshopped page (journal for reference). As for adding pictures, make sure you give them a proper resize and upload them either via the forums or through a hosting site (like imgur or gyazo).

I would suggest to go through various journals of other people as to see their style, and take inspiration as to create a unique style for yourself.


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