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Grigorevs Suplies and munitions

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*a buzz on the radio can be heard followed by a russian voice*
"Privet comrades This is Grigorev Kaschak ive set up shop in  small town named ZVIR west of zelenogorsk if any one wants to trade or is simply in need of supplies or munitions come on down, we have food and vodka as well all are welcome. contact me on radio if you need anything ill see if i can supplly and deliver."

*sounds of vodka bottles are heard in background as grigorev drunkenly stumbles about*

*grigorev trips and the radio shuts off*

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  • Sapphire

"Oi, comrade. I stumbled upon your house, it was wide open and I could've seen some of your supplies. Could check your locks because they look flimsy. 


I did not take anything, and I saw your note."

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  • Titanium

"Ah, your little home was very welcoming! And the vodka wasn't too bad either! Thanks for setting up this old revolutionary with some building supplies, they will be put to good use!"

*Evgeny released his PTT, returning to static as he continues on building, whistling an old Soviet marching song as he toils away.*

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