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DayZ allowing smart phone technology during the apocalypse


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I found an article that I have read about using tech during an apocalypse and wondered if DayZRP would allow this use in game? Here is a copy of the article for reference.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2014/05/09/would-smartphones-be-useful-in-a-zombie-apocalypse/#21e3e8ba69c5

1. Charging cell phones or other devices with a generator? If this is already a thing in game I haven't seen it RP'd. I have seen other's jerry rig a car battery and metal wire but that's it. 

2. Using said cellphone for GPS or a pre-downloaded compass?

3. Using pre-downloaded survival apps?

Yes, I know we are almost 3 years into this and I am trying to consider all options for RP but I do not want to use it if it would not be allowed.

***I know that there have already been RP uses of things like this in different instances, I have seen it RP'd but I am more interested in the cell phone app uses and if it is allowed. Thank you

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There have been RP items in which people have satellite phones but most cell towers and service providers likely wouldn't be working at this rate.

But, if you can find a way to keep your cell charged then I don't see a issue with "having" it but then again it's not a IG item per se so it's iffy. People RP having Go Pros and other cameras and recording items even music players like MP3 players which all are handled well enough IG and IC.

There have been people who also download maps, content, images, etc to these devices prior to the outbreak so they can use it IG as a RP item.

My TLDR is; as long as it's realistic and used to further RP and not powergame/get out of a situation conveniently or meme then it should be fine. 

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Hey Iris! 


I did had the same question back a few months ago, related to technology in DayZ, there are some good answers on my thread, give a look and hope it will give you a general idea!



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