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Dinkles WIP Pre-Fab Creations

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I started making/redesigning Pre-Fabs recently and am starting to really love it, almost as a form of relaxtion. So I decided to create a media thread to post Screenshots of the work I have done and will be doing.


Just note, most of the stuff is WIP and of course, due to DayZ limitations, nothing will look completly perfect.


Potious Cras - Finished

This base is deemed finished as no further changes have been requested.


11/04 - Prefab resdesign WIPhttps://imgur.com/a/7bHEFoC

12/04 - Fleshing out the structures(Giving Life)https://imgur.com/a/CkRp6o3

13/04 - 100 Objectshttps://imgur.com/a/X5cv9oO

13/04 - 150 Objectshttps://imgur.com/a/DWUFUbj



If anyone would like to look at the base in person at 100 objects - https://pastebin.com/GUftmrfY

If anyone would like to look at the base in person at 150 objects - https://pastebin.com/JgZ6bm01

Reference artworkhttps://imgur.com/a/eWIXl4b


The main theme is going with Potius Cras's lore around the old prefab that Gary Cash created, where they are stealing the river water from Liviona.

The main focus was on the 'train' element of it, and also a 'water pipe' element, most with everything intending to circle around the pipes leading into the main structure.

Woodzie suggested that I could remodel this prefab into a POI Train Repair Depo.




Rock and Stone to the Bone Installation


12/04  - Started works

20/04 - Unfortunately not much was created due to a 8am-7pm job.

25/04 - Built the main structure and started the 'fleshening' to give it life - https://imgur.com/a/ZkA7lG2

This POI is intended to be a creepy thing to happen upon and hopefully give rise to interesting theories of what happened at the dig site? What did they find? Did they dig too deep?
The general rock structure will not change much, as that is the look I am going for. I am still wondering of how to give it a more of a creepiness factor.


Gorka Sicence Lab



2/05 - Started Works with Ver1.

3/05 - Ver2. Complete. Main area finished and general 'feel'

12/05 - Ver3. Started. This is the 'fleshening' Where I give life to the area and fill it out. - https://imgur.com/a/yV0yFvn



This POI is intend to extent the Gorka Radio station with interesting content and to draw players to this area. It will intended to feel 'russian' with its grim and bleak look.

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  • Titanium



that looks awesome bro I’d use that in a hear beat

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  • Emerald

Just needs a concrete road leading to which ever part is the main entrance and it will fit in perfectly with other industrial sites dotted around the map.

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Nice work! The prefabs being implemented on the servers atm are great aswell!

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  • MVP

@Dinkle this looks awesome and way better than @GaryCash's suggestion. Less overload does the job, imo. A group can be big , doesn't automatically mean the prefab needs to be bigger than some towns on the map.

I did speak to gary via DM's to get an idea of his background around the whole project of water treatment and so on, so only thing I'd miss "sense"- wise would be a separated water area for the sedimentation of a water treatment. I saw some in the reference artwork. It looks simply like a little pool connected to the area. I am sure you could easily fit it in with some walls/ fences in the water.




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