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Calling all Law Enforcement Officers [Open Frequency]


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  • Sapphire




<<From your speakers, heavy static. It buzzes incoherently for a moment, before slowly giving away to a mumbling noise, like a voice fighting to break through. Slowly, the pitch shifts into a higher tone, making it very clear that a woman is on the other side. A moment passes, then two, and the voice is now as clear as it can get. The voice speaks with anger, and unbreaking will.>>

<<In the background, a crackling flame, as well as the singing of birds and insects alike.>>

"I have lived through a lot..."

<<She cuts herself off. The voice is only recognizable to those who know her well.>>

"I have lost a lot of people. I have seen what people can do to each other for a fucking... can of *beans*."

<<A grunt, and the sound of something light being thrown is audible. It tumbles through wood, leaves, eventually falling into water.>>

"You know what I say to that? *Enough*, that's what I say. I'm sending this message to all open frequencies. I'm begging you, if you're of a military or law enforcement background, if you know the least about security, protection or how to handle a gun for good, please, reach out. Let us unite, let us serve and protect once again. Let us not fall to the level of this brutality. Cannibals, drug traffickers, murderers, they're all out there, and they're having the time of their life. Enough, I say."

<<She sighs.>>

"Enough. Reach out to me if you hear me. Let's break all ethnic and national barriers. I'm calling all Livonians, Russians, Chernarussians, Americans, wherever you're from. I'm calling *you*. Just do the right thing, and pick up. This is for the people, not one people, not a group of people, but for all. If you know me, you know where to find me, if not, write down the following frequency..."

<<She begins to recite a short string of numbers, allowing you to reach out.>>

"I'll await any and all responses. Over and out."

<<Slowly, the message fades out, and your speaker births only static once again.>>

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  • MVP

*Jan hears the broadcast coming through and decides to respond.*

"You most have some powerful radio equipment there ma' am if you are trying to reach to all the locations you mentioned. I don't know where you are or who you are, but your broadcast already comes in unstable in our radiostations' tower. Folks call me the depressed cowboy. If you need help with reaching out to people with radio on long distances, feel free to contact me on 102.8MHz AM. We might be able to arrange something proper."

*Jan stops the broadcast and let's the multi band scanner go through other frequencies*

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  • Diamond

A male voice with European accent comes true the radio waves as he speaks you can also pick up other voices in the background.

"This is Daniel Karlsson of the Swedish police force. Im currently recovering from a gun fight with the Drug dealers you spoke of. You can find me at the Soup kitchen neer Sitnik.

Please feel free to come there and we can talk over a nice pot of stew. Im looking forward to hear from you.

Daniel sighning off."

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  • Diamond

Having heard the voice speaking on his radio he picked it up and spoke.

"Well well little bird, sounds mighty nice to hear someone having as much hatred for those scum as I do, the only problem here is that I get employed by said scum. So I can't really go around and kill my employers can I? You gotta realise that the world we once knew is gone and now the whole anarchy is what remains, people killin' each other for a can of beans, you're right but it's nature and people can't stop nature.
Best to get out of dodge and live on your own, that way you'll make it a minimal chance of being shot, robbed or worse.
Best of luck to you miss." 

He then released the broadcast button.

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  • Diamond

*Ray Holmes would hit the PTT*

Nah mate I don't think I will, longer those corrupt boys stay away the better

*He would let go of the PTT and head to a different section of the Block*

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  • Legend

**Riley picks up his PTT**

"You know... i respect your will to act. I might've been in the force way back when but for the current times I definitely prefer to deal with scum my way. Law and Order are dead."

"If somebody is a cunt, justice will be served swiftly. Let us hope we will not tread on each other's toes."

**Riley releases his PTT**

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