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Server time (UTC): 2023-06-07 23:26

Server, Liviona. Invalid kill? FailRP?


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Server and location: S2 Liviona server

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-03-12, ~02:00

Your in game name: Jason Hayes

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Possibly enemy car.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: 

At the start of the clip you can see me waving, and this why you see that. 

I died due to bleeding out and I spawn in and talk to this dude in a field, it was the guy in the yellow fedora out in a field as soon as I had spawned in, tried to RP with him and such as much as I could being given only a fresh spawn. But he ran away from me pretty much after little conversation so I thought the last thing I could do is wave at him goodbye cause he was hauling ass away from me. 

@15 seconds in you can hear my unmute myself in discord after the initial interaction. 

@1:30 seconds in you can hear me mute myself in discord but for some reason it bugged where I couldn't hear discord audio or DayZ audio itself. I say something in character I don't even know if they heard me I assume not. I type something along the lines of, "//I cant hear let me relog plz"  I wait a few seconds to see if he says anything OOC to give me permission so they acknowledge what I said etc. And then I attempt to type something else I don't even remember what I was going to say but, I died. lol 

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Connection Logs:

01:37:15 | Player "Jason Hayes" is connected
01:44:39 | Player "Jason Hayes" has been disconnected

01:21:40 | Player "Henry Chow" is connected
03:17:43 | Player "Henry Chow" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:

01:43:47 | Player "Jason Hayes" hit by Player "Henry Chow" with SAIGA-12K from 3.33608 meters 
01:43:48 | Player "Jason Hayes" hit by Player "Henry Chow" with SAIGA-12K from 3.336 meters 

Kill Logs:

01:43:48 | Player "Jason Hayes" (DEAD) killed by Player "Henry Chow" with SAIGA-12K from 3.336 meters 

Chat Logs:

01:43:41 | Chat("Jason Hayes"): //I cant hear anyhting let me re log plz

Calling in the following for their FULL and DETAILED POV's, alongside any video evidence they have;

@Predatxr - Jason Hayes - OP

@Pemberfoot - Henry Chow -

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Greetings @Predatxr,

We would like to inform you that this report will now be closed as the accused in question has had their whitelist revoked and therefore is no longer a part of our community, we would like to apoligize for any inconvenience caused. @Pemberfoot Should you attempt the whitelist application and it be accepted, you will need to create an appeal including your full and detailed POV, including any video evidence you may have of the events that took place within this report.

Signed by @Saunders + @Rover

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