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Any Update On The Old Mods Returning?

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It has been some time but I do miss some of the older mods, I am wondering if the staff team have been testing any of the old mods out for bugs/issues. I would like to see the digital codelocks and trucks back in the game, its been a while and the truth is i'm starting to forget what other mods where in the game. I just really miss a good flatbed with car pool karaoke. 

I can confirm that the server is in a lot better state than it was the other week when it was crashing 10 times over. 

Is their any mod you miss?

❤️ Love Y'all ❤️ 


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  • Diamond

I miss my grandpa's BMW. It really got me around chernarus. 

But jokes aside. I would rather have a stable server than a buggy server that crashes a lot due to all the mods. I do not know the current state of testing, that would be na @Rolandthing. But I guess when we found what is causing all the crashing we can slowly add some mods in.

For new players it could also be hard to start playing on a server that has like 20 different mods. But then again, they can learn how to properly install them or get help in Helpdesk in discord. 

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I don't feel like the mods that got removed added a lot to RP. I'd much rather have a stable server than some cars and these other unneccesary mods that were in there. But yeah, someone's probably testing what mod it is that's causing the issues, I guess. I mean if you forgot most of the mods, they didn't have much of an impact. I don't miss the ones that got removed, really. 

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The server still isn't stable, so don't expect to see a lot of mods getting chunked in.

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There has definitely been a few number of crashes even with the low number of mods we have now. There server has crashed at 5 times that I have seen the past two days. So, while I hope to see mods getting added back in, I don't think it will be as soon as we all hope. 

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  • Titanium

As long as we keep the Notes mod I'll be happy.

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