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Tropical / kryptec mandrake Tactical Shirt

groovy blisna

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  • Sapphire

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wass good @Roland

Tropical Tac Shirt

this is the Tropical Tactical shirt that is currently in the game.

Class name: Not exactly sure if someone can help me out

kryptec mandrake Tac Shirt

i think ive seen it on chenarus and if its not livonia then i think that it would be a good fit to include there as well as the item shop.

Class name: Not exactly sure if someone can help me out

ye just my suggestion that these two items would be very cool to be able to spawn in as i love the tac shirt these camos are amazing

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  • Diamond

@Roland could we please have that shirt and pants in the shop? There is also a cowboy hat with that kind of camo (right) could have that too? 

I'd love to see these in store. Its a very cool looking camo pattern. Darker than the BDU colors. 

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  • Sapphire

Im not actually sure what the pants fall under, i heard they were reskined fire fighter pants and that the shirt was a reskined hiking jacket, im not entirely sure. 

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  • Diamond

As a matter of fact I am wearing that full outfit right now, it is Mass' tactical camo shirt, and the pants are retextured Cargo pants. I'd love to see them in the store tbh.

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  • Sapphire

right @Rolandgot ya the file names for ya 




Kryptec Mandrake




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