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The Coronavirus question

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Have no idea if this has been asked but I think we all know what the question is...

Are we allowed to mention the coronavirus in game? 

I know it's a real world problem right now but there has been apparently history with this back in the 60's?


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While the coronavirus has been a thing since the 60s/70s this has not been a commonly known virus for a normal person. Medical personell may know about it IC, but I have a hard time to see how this suddenly became a big thing and kind of a running meme in game considering the zombie outbreak happened in 2017, and the IRL corona virus outbreak happened in 2020.

If you see someone throwing the coronavirus term around, report them. This is bad RP.

Credit to @Rover here's a screenshot of a Google search memory for the term coronavirus over the past 15+ years.


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To add on top of what Hofer said,

Corona-viruses are a sub-family of viruses, examples of outbreaks that have happened in the past were named SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-related), which is also how they were references as. The one that is currently in the news is COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease), which is why it is references to as 'Corona Virus'.

The previous ones were not commonly referred to as 'Corona Virus', but rather their nickname. The reason why the current one is referenced to as 'Corona Virus' is due to the fact that it is called COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease).

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