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Is their going to be something special at the 1000 Day mark.

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I think in 30 days it will be 1000 Days since outbreak will be coming up. its crazy to think how far we have come from the old days to today, is there anything special being planned for this amazing day. 

❤️ Love Y'all ❤️ 

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Its hard to say at the current moment. Franny was working on a DayzRP World lore thread for the community and was hoping to have some sort of lore context for the people done by the 1000th day. We also are currently working on timelines and updating what has happened lorewise for the server.

Server Storyline wise? We have an event series/storyline all ready and written...already with seeds planted into the server but all are on hold until Master Rolando makes it overwise. We can only preplan so far ahead right now... I also have worked on the side a "Book of Livonia" with context behind Livonia as a country from its early history. However the timeline is the main priority along with server side stuff. 

But major Storyline event that happens on the server? Everything is on hold currently.

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