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One appeal per punishment?


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So i did a discord ban appeal about 4 months ago and got denied. I did another one now and got denied again due to "one appeal per punishment" 

This is however not true because @Challenger posted two appeals concerning his discord ban. The first one got denied and the other was accepted

First one: 

Second one: 

Are how many appeals you can do a case by case thing now or did i miss something? @Roland

I was banned for saying "ANTI flame spam" about 2-3 times. I DID NOT even get any points for my discord ban. There are people who glorify permd players, flame or other things that get them 5+ points. It makes absolutely 0 sense for me to be denied yet people who flame are accepted back. If i am not welcomed in the discord then i'd rather just be told that instead of these bureaucratic terms of "one appeal per punishment" 

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