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What does everyone think of a more George Romero zombie apocalypse? Use one of the "Walking Dead" mods to make them slow (but able to lunge quickly if you are within a couple feet), keep them hitting hard, return them to one shot to the brain toughness, and add the VIRUS mod so there is always a chance you get infected with "the virus" if struck by a zed.

The virus has a cure. So getting the virus isnt necessarily the end. You can find virus cure injectors at hospitals and clinics. You can also make your own if you find/collect all the components. 

Dealing with zeds would be less tedious because they would be slow and easy to kill, but still present a true danger if a player gets sloppy and lets them get too close. Or allows himself/herself to get trapped. It might even open up some extra role play as desperate survivors who have been infected and have 30 minutes to live negotiate/rob other people to get their hands on the cure.


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Yeah, hard no from me. The infection has always been one that doesn't reanimate the dead, but is rather a virulent disease that increases aggression. More can be read about it here.

From the post:


Please note the following:

  1. The infection is not curable by removal of the infected limb or flesh. It is not treatable by antibiotics. Pain medication and sedation is used to comfort the host in their final hours as a form of humane preparation for death after turning.
  2. The infected are still alive and can be destroyed conventionally. Body damage has the same effect to the turned infected as it does to non-infected humans. There is no need in particular to target the brain.
  3. When turning, the heart does not stop, and breathing never ceases; instead, they increase in rapidity accompanied by excessive vomiting, catatonic/unresponsive state, and eventually extreme violence. 
  4. The infected cannot seem to grasp small objects or think on a really cognitive level, aside from primal and basic thoughts. Major motor skills like running, jumping, climbing and holding larger objects are not impaired, but their ability to turn a doorknob, write in any print, or intentionally throw objects at a target is null.


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I kinda like the idea of having slow infected with a short range adrenaline surge. But im thinking about how this will translate into gameplay and i cant help but keep coming to the conclusion that they would be to easy to cheese with the slow walking speed. Relegating the infected back to being nothing more than a nuisance instead of a threat. Since players just wouldnt get close to them thus no spartan rage, thus no threat.

Now a mod where once Aggro'd our current infected started blasting this tune



I would go on a campaign trail for!

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Like, the way these infected are portrayed and how our lore is set, we can't have something like this. Plus I believe DayZRP can't use the mods you just presented.

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  • Diamond

If we had a lore wipe that matched up the idea that the infected were undead and such, I'd be for it. The Virus Mod might cause issues because of rarity the cure might become. People already complained about the Zeds being too tough. Add a Virus on top of that and people will definately not enjoy themselves. It's a no for now. 

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