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CJ, Man To Man

Ryan Shepherd

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  • Sapphire

*Donovan day dreams about neutrality until he snaps out of it and picks up the radio*

"Donovan Joyce here, CJ I hope this radio transmits through those thick prison walls.

I am calling you out, man to man.

It's easy to push around a couple of soup kitchen volunteers for a few minutes then run off to hide behind your prison walls for a weirdly specific 2 hours for some reason, anyway back to what I am here for.

We can shoot eachother all day long, everyday but not many men step up to fight a man like a man, leader to leader.

I am challenging you to fight me like a man, bare knuckle, in neutral grounds in a wide open field where every man woman and child can be seen, no ambushes. Where every man woman and child can see who is the better man.

If you accept my challenge, I am wrong about you and you are a man, if you choose not to accept my challenge, I will know you are what everyone calls you, a bitch.

Also, children must be accompanied by an adult, so make sure your squeeky Noah Russo holds an adults hand.

There will be no traps.

I am waiting your responce, you decide, be a man or be a bitch."

*Donovan puts down the radio while Tommy Lee passes him a bucket filled with petrol, Donovan dips his hands into the bucket*

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  • Titanium

*CJ would hear this radio broadcast and begin to chuckle to him self as he picks up the radio*

Man to man? 
It takes a man to propose such a fight.
I would of gracefully accepted if you was a man of your word.
Calling 5.0.3 a group of pedo's and rapists behind my back.
Finding unarmed 5.0.3 members when they are stripped of supplies.
Teaming up with the fucking puppy pack and an pobal just to launch attacks.
Unlike you Boy. I dont hide behind my allies. 

Your boys once made an agreement that if I killed Lucifer hostilities would end.
Did they? No. they did not. Not only are you not men of your word. You are not men.
You would plan to have me and my boys in a field so your current soup kitchen circle jerk
can surround us completely.
What fool would trust that.

Start being a man of your word and I will gracefully accept. 

*He would pause for a moment confused by his earlier comment. about attacking soup kitchen.*

I have only personally attacked soup kitchen once. 
I dont attack people then hide behind my walls for a magical 2 hours.
I return to the prison to sleep and that's just about it. 
More slanderous comments without proof. You boys are really pulling at straws. 

*A few moments pass before CJ starts broadcasting again.*

But I will admit next time me and you run into each other. 
I wouldn't mind throwing down, to end what ever hostilities we have. 
But nothing organised.
I may be stupid, But I aint that much of a fool.

Slava 5.0.3
See you soon Joyce. 

*Broadcast would end*

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*Tommylee would take a sip of water and hold down the PTT* 

There ya have it folks the man himself CJ backs down from the fight. Fair enough saying we’re not men. We’re a different breed. We’re fucking Joyces bai and you’ll be well to remember that the next time your getting thumped across the cranium. 
Up Joyce ye dirty bastards yiz.

*Releases PTT and goes on to spar Donovan to get him back into shape*

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  • Diamond

*Connor would hear the radio broadcast and laugh*

"Tommy-lee you hearing this, bai? The man who goes around acting like a big ole tough man wont even fight our big nosed brother, tis a shame"

*Connor would pick up the radio and push the PTT*

"Like me brother Tommy-lee said, the man has backed down from the great sport, that devides the men from the bai's, he must of sent his snakes to watch or listen into Don's training"

"Up Joyce I forgot that part"

*Connor would take a sip of whisky and place the radio down*

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  • Sapphire

*Max would hear the broadcast and hear a couple male voices different to the first*
*He would stop filling his bottle and reply*

I dunt know who you are laddie but I dunt think you have owt to do wi this discussion, Who ever you Lot are you're soundin a bit desperate 'ere and seem to be tryin to set summat up. Now I dunt know abaat you but we all know you are a different breed, I mean just ask your mum or sister what ever you call her. Due to the imbreedin your hearin' must be funny, CJ clearly stated that hes up for a fight... Just not one organised by you walkin tatties.

*Max Pauses for a second while he plops a chlorine tab in his bottle*

Whats wi this Up Joyce Shite. Not gonna lie lads but no one gives a fuck abat ye last name it dunt mean a thing these days. Now if you rats can stop talkin on this frequency as eveytime i here one of your imbred voices i lose some brain cells, anyway ill probably si thi later woddleing around as per usual

*Max Ends the transmission and takes a gulp of water*

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  • Emerald

*Gibson laying in his bed, reading the red riding hood trying to calm his headache. He's disturbed by familiar Irish voices over the radio. The proposition our dear friend Donovan has made makes him chuckle before pressing down the PTT*
*Radio broadcast start*

"Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón. Cúl Tóna"

''What makes ye bais think we'd trust your word once more, all you boys do is lie, sneak and thief. I have said my piece''

''We'll meet soon enough paddy''

*Radio broadcast end*
*Short but he feels it was effective enough and continues reading spending little thought on the gypsy boys*



Many a time a man's mouth broke his nose. Dickhead


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*Garrett picks up the radio and starts to laugh*

I thought this was a man to man . 

Now your boys intervened.

We 5.0.3 are men and we fight our own battles and don't call upon anybody to help.

You Joyce's will soon work for us one after another.

Have fun cutting down trees and lifting logs for us.

*Garrett turns off the radio* 

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  • Emerald

*Martin would hear the irish men laugh and go grab a cup of tea. Taking a sip out of the tea before starting to talk into the radio with a posh English accent.*

"Good evening gentlemen. I must say that this is really unpleasant.

*Takes another sip of his tea*

"mm yees. I'm sorry for yet again coming on the radio but i have some *takes another sip* concerns. The first one being that Joyce's are saying we are rapists.

*Takes yet another sip*

"I would love to talk it out with you gentlemen over a cup of tea and biscuits, but as everyone knows. The Joyce's can't be trusted. i myself tried to talk to them about killing Lucifer to stop the fighting. Too which the Joyce's agreed to. But still they are running around calling us rapists. It is your choice what you want to spread about people."

*Martin would lean back into his chair and set the cup down on the plate and stop doing the accent*

"in all fairness, i would talk it out with Joyce. I've tried. Big man Donovan even was respectful to us and said he didn't understand the accusations while he was standing alone on the traintracks. We did nothing to him except talk, and when his boys and his car came. Yet again we did nothing. In our eyes that's being respectful and trying to make an understanding. If it was reversed then we all know what would have happend. Have a good day everyone."

*Martin would but the radio down and lean back in his chair and listen to the rest talk*

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  • Sapphire

*Donovan is handed the radio by Conor, the two men smirk while Killian passes a tape recording to Donovan*

"Well, you all heard it here first, Cj of the 503 has nothing between his legs but a puddle of piss.

Up Joyce."

*Donovan plays the tape while holding down the PTT*


*After the tape ends Donovan keeps the radio in his hand so none of his brothers can respond while they sit and listen*

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  • Emerald

*Wulf chimes in*

"This reminds me of Snatch and hearing CJ back down from a fight evokes the phrase..."

"You can bet your bollock to a barn dance you aint backing out"

"This could of been a big with the right PR, hype and sponsors, i'm talking McGregor/Mayweather big"


"Also is it surprising when people call you lot rapists?"

"Because enslaving and force marrying goes hand in hand with rape"

"Unless its PG13 enslaving and force marrying like an animated Disney film"

*Chimes out*

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  • Emerald

"Y'all talk toomuch for people who like to hide in prison walls all fucking day.


Either back up those words or shut up on the radio.


*As Turk would release the PTT you'd hear Tarkan - Kiss Kiss blasting*

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  • Sapphire

"God damn the 5.0.3 is cringe, y'all really blowing up my radio with you sucking your boss off. Get a new hobby"

*As Jake would walk away from his radio you'd hear a song play*

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