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Discord Ban

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Don´t have a Link, sorry about that.

Why the verdict is not fair: It´s not fair because the Staff just bans immediately instead of talking to the Victim of the Ban first.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was just going to ask Blisna if he was feeling harrassed by this Question (because it is a Meme) but he didn´t respond even after i pinged him with same Question again. So i didn´t write any further.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Getting unbaned from the Discord and don´t be edgy anymore.

What could you have done better?: I could have asked further or just deleted it.

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Hello @Kent Blackgrove,

A separate team of staff has reviewed your appeal and come to the conclusion of acceptance.

We are in no way condoning your behavior, but we do hope that this serves as a valuable learning experience moving forward.  If you have any doubt in your mind that something you are doing could be seen as harassing another member, it is wise not to engage in this behavior at all.  Additionally, quoting and repeating things you have previously been warned for is not a good idea, as we cannot see your intentions, only that you are directly repeating an inflammatory comment that you've already received points for.  In the future, we suggest privately messaging people to discuss things, rather than putting them on full view for the entire Discord can see.  We would like to leave you with a firm warning that, while you are being unbanned from the Discord in this instance, further transgressions may turn this into the last time you receive this courtesy.

With that said,
Appeal accepted.  Discord ban removed.

Signed by @Peril, @Conor & @Rover

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