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[Livonia] 107.3 The Raven's Nest


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  • Emerald

*The radio frequency pops to life with the sound of a crackling fire and low murmured voices in the background. A guitar being lightly picked and tuned as a woman's hoarse voice comes out clearly before strumming away.*

"This is the Raven. I hope you enjoy."

*She begins to play and her voice cuts through the night.*



*The last note fades as whistles and clapping echo from around the campfire.*

"Stay safe out there. The nights are long and dark."

*Another note is strummed as voices begin to pick up around the fire again.*

"Till next time...stay tuned into The Raven's Nest. 107.3"

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There is a crackle of static, before a British accent comes through. 

"Woah, holy shit, Teddy, listen to this!"

He turns away from the radio, speaking away from it, talking to someone else.

"She sounds just like Azra Stone, right?" 

There is more muffled speech.

"No, no, I don't think it's a recording." 


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  • Emerald

*Azra hears the comment over all the chatter around her and smiles*

"You caught me."

*She chuckles and goes back to strumming her guitar.*

"We'll be taking requests later."

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There is a very brief pause. 

"No way..." 

His voice fades out into a crackle of static, repeating his statement to the teen beside him.

"...No way..."  

A static-filled pause.


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  • Titanium

*Would set down the sandbag into place wiping his forehead, then hears the song being played over the radio.  Transmitting after it was finished.*


"Whoa what a voice, should be in Nashville or Hollywood!"

*Releases the PTT*

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  • Emerald

*With a morose tone Azra speaks into her radio*

"I was hoping to be able to announce a new show soon, but my guitar was used to stun a bear in the woods..."

*She takes a deep breath and sighs afterwards.*

"If anyone out there finds a guitar or a working piano, please let me know."

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  • Emerald

*Azra keys the piano before her. A smile ghosting over her lips before she bites at her lower lip. The key fades before she settles down and prepares to perform for her fans.*

"This is a special song..."

*Her voice chokes slightly before she clears her throat.*



"Thank you...goodbye."

*Silence interrupted by a soft sniffle fills the transmission before she releases the PTT*


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*Lukasz presses PTT listening to the music*

"Stop.. just stop already, this is disgusting... Your voice isn't awful but the songs you're singing are"

*Lukasz releases PTT for a moment, after few seconds he presses onto it again*

"Next time you're going to sing, just sing Gruppa Krovi by Kino or Ja Saldat for fuck sake"

*Lukasz relases PTT*


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  • Emerald

*Azra presses down the PTT. The gentle rumble of a car engine running can be heard in the background as she speaks.*

"I'm sorry, but I do not know these songs. If you like I can see if my friends who are not american can teach me some other songs to share with you all. I understand wishing to hear something familiar once more..."

*She pauses for a moment and then declares.*

"Yeah. I'll definitely do that. Hope you will be listening when I learn the lyrics to something a bit more local."

*She sets the radio back into her lap releasing the PTT*

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