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[GUIDE] Create group armband design


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  • El Presidente

You will need DayZ as well as DayZ Tools installed

  1. Open DayZ Tools from Steam, choose BankRev under Utilities
  2. Drag and drop file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ\Addons\characters_tops.pbo" into BankRev window (path can vary depending on where you installed DayZ)
  3. Select an output folder in BankRev (can be anything) and press "Process files", then confirm with "Yes"
  4. Open the output folder, you will have a new folder structure there. Armband textures are under "DZ\characters\tops\data". Find one of "armbend_big_{COLOR}_co.paa" files
  5. Back in DayZ Tools, open TexView under Utilities. Drag the chosen .paa file into TexView window. Go to File -> Save as..., in the bottom drop down change "Texture" to "All files", then change the extension of the file to be saved from .paa to .png. Save.
  6. You now have a PNG texture image that you can edit in any editing software like Photoshop. Add logo or text, recoloring is also fine. Once you're done save back the PNG file in same dimensions.
  7. Back in DayZ Tools, open Image to PAA under Utilities. Drag and drop your finished PNG file, press "Process files", then confirm with "Yes".
  8. Rename the output file to "Armband_{GROUPNAME}.paa". Group leader must personally send this file to developers for adding into the game.
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  • MVP

Alternatively, you can also grab a gray template armband in the spoiler below, however you will still need to convert it to .paa once finished, as well as keep it in the same dimensions:




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Hey so does this mean people who paid the full 50$ get some sort of compensation or refund ?

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15 minutes ago, Apollo said:



14 minutes ago, Nik said:



Groups are illegible to receive a free armband once they have been official for a month.

The requirements however is that they do everything themselves in regards to the armband, and won't receive any help.

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