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Radio Response - UP Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: 

It's not fair at all, I responded to a radio broadcast how my character would respond. Listening to the radio, hearing a familiar voice that terrorized her group for months - she promptly responded with 'Oh No'. The reason for this is that it would create roleplay, if Apollo's character knows Phoenyxx is still alive and kicking, they might come back and start to create storyline again for my group. On top of that, the OP has been posting propaganda in Soup Kitchen that has caused a unsettling feeling because of what our characters have experienced in the past. The point of responding to the radio thread was to create roleplay, I shouldn't need to write a paragraph in order to do that or CHANGE how my character would respond to such a broadcast and responses to the broadcast just to create some roleplay without getting hit with unnecessary points.

The highlighted reason doesn't even make sense. It ADDED to the conversation, it CREATES roleplay especially if Apollos character chooses to recognize Phoenyxx's voice. On top of that, saying Oh no... in a worried term can create tons of roleplay for the OP. Maybe he might respond with 'let me teach you some things about what I mean, or perhaps I'd come across him putting up propaganda in the soup kitchen where I can refer back to the radio broadcast that I acknowledged.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: N/A

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points.

What could you have done better?:  I did nothing wrong, like stated before - how is it deemed unnecessary if I'm simply reacting the way my character would react and involving myself in a radio broadcast to CREATE ROLEPLAY. Maybe staff shouldn't be so keen to issue unnecessary points on RADIO posts where people are attempting to create roleplay. Limiting our usage of the forums but making us wonder if we will get hit with UP on radio posts is pretty ridiculous. I could see if it was a troll radio post but legit over here trying to create roleplay.

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Hello @PhoenyxxRP

The staff team have looked over your appeal and have decided to deny it. 

A separate team of staff have looked over the warning and believe the original warning was correct. The radio transmission you posted saying "Oh No" adds nothing to promote a conversation in the thread. It was a clear violation of the radio chatter rules

4. Keep all your messages relevant and on topic. Content that is prohibited in radio chatter (including IC):

hate messages, overly hostile replies

radio warriors, provoking, taunting

replies that add nothing to the conversation, consist of just insults, laughter, mocking of others, memes, etc

We expect everyone who wishes to use the radio chatter threads to add to the conversation and not just put two words that do not tempt a conversation. You need to add a bit more meaning, so others who are reading the radio transmission thread know what you are meaning and not just "Oh no" and are then left wondering what you are meaning. In future explain why you are saying "oh no", for example, "Oh no your back, are you coming to terrorize us again?", "Oh no it's you, you have returned" or even trying to warn others of his return to prevent this from happening again in the future. These are some suggestions to try and prevent any future occurrences, where you can remain in character but also prevent you from receiving another warning. It does not need to be a massive paragraph, but the transmission needs to be more than a few words.

With that being said,


Signed by: @Scarlett& @Para

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