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Any Update On The Old Mods Returning?

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Hello All, 

Its been a few weeks since the hard wipe of the Livonia server and I would like to confirm if there is any update on the mods returning I miss the FLATBED ? Being able to shuttle the Slaves  Nice People of Livonia. 

❤️  Love Y'all JJ ❤️ 

I am Enjoying the Stable Servers but i miss the Flatbeds as part of a large group it would be nice to see that come back.

** Any Update ? After A Month Of Waiting **

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Update after Reply.
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  • Legend

So far no news but we will keep you posted.

We might have an idea what the issue was but still working on keeping server completely stable before adding again.

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  • El Presidente

No news so far, I'm enjoying stable servers very much and prefer that far more than some custom cars and locks that are not essential for RP. Soon maybe.

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