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Sake of Allah

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Baahir twirls his pen in his hand and sets it down as to pick up and activate the radio. For a few minutes a Takistani Sunni hymn sounds off through the radio. After some time Baahir flips off the recorder and raises the radio to his mouth.


"Livonia, my name is Baahir Ullah, true son of Takistan and of Allah. I send this message to the believers in the almighty as one, those who seek to make God's word, the greatest. I fought for his glory in Takistan against the so called socialist dictators, in honor of the Jaffudi family, the rightful rulers blessed by Allah. I ask that true sons of Allah make themselves known, as we must jihad against the great terrors to our peace, from the lord's great plague; which is a challenge to all devout sons of god, to those who attack and murder the innocent. We must achieve victory. "In the victory of Allah, he gives victory to whom he wills." Though I do not want those fueled by hate to join me in my jihad, as Allah has showed us it is those who wage war that should be struck down, nonbelievers are only enemies in a war of aggression. Now I offer the ability to give patronage to my cause, so that we can go on to claim victory for him. This victory will be achieved by Allah's promise, and then by our blood. There is no other path to victory except through sacrifice and jihad, for the sake of Allah.


To those disbelievers who will hear this call of jihad and fear it, I say this. You are protected by Allah's mercy, through and through. Allah's message is this "And protect those nonbelievers from the evil consequences of their deeds. He whom you protect from evil that day, you will have given him mercy. And that is the great attainment." No man will be killed with out just cause, no woman oppressed, and no child indoctrinated. For another word of Allah comes to mind in this, "When you were called upon alone, you disbelieved; but if others were with him, you believed. So the judgement for this, is with Allah." To any skeptics I say that you must search your soul, and find the truth of Allah, do not take the words of man and adhere them to your heart, hear Allah and Allah alone. Good night, may god guide you to fresh pastures."


Baahir places the radio back down and continues to pen away at his papers.

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A groggy polish voice intrudes his comms. 

"Your beliefs don't belong here, Takistani, go back home before the Wolves eat you alive. 

This is the apocalypse, not your holy war. Only warning from the citizens of Livonia."

Comms cut short, filled with static.

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*Sheikh Mohammad Abbas reaches for the radio and holds down the PTT*

Alhamduallah brother, inshallah all is well with you. I agree it is time we reclaim our control on these kuffar.

May allah help you on your jihad brother.

*Sheikh releases the PTT*

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*Oliwia tilts her head slightly as she takes the radio from her vest and presses the button*

”I remember my grandfather telling me about the Polish Tatars who entered this land during the 13th and 14th centuries.  But, they are today completely Polish and for the most part, as far as I know, Roman Catholic. They never ruled this land.  They became part of this land.  Well, that was until the infection . . . I don’t know if any survived.  So, sorry to tell you this, but, you cannot reclaim what was never yours.”

”Besides, isn’t it time we set aside petty religious differences and instead work together to ensure our survival.  There are so many forces working against us now.  Don’t become part of the problem, become part of the solution.”

*Oliwia releases the button and slowly turns off her radio before reattaching it to her vest*

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Baahir sets down his glasses and raises the radio.


"I expect no less of the same western provocateurs who left the socialists to oppress us and defy our will, you are declaring a conflict to exist where none exists. The coming jihad will ensure that Allah's true sons will bring back the honor of our glorious days. Allah's promise will always remain, that fighting for him is the ultimate gain. First we will defend those who can not protect themselves, for Allah's mercy commands us to do so. Though the enemy's ranks are many, and their weapons are heavy, soldiers of Allah are more than prepared to uphold Allah's commands. Then we will jihad against the great plague set forth by god, do not raise alarm with false belief of war and pain. The Sunnah is alive, and the Khilafa is on the rise. Find enlightenment as best you can, but do not seek battle with us or try to manufacture fear, for there is only one path to victory; sacrifice and jihad for the sake of Allah."


Baahir sighs and puts the radio back down.

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