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create a example story for a character   

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One think i just want recommend is that you guys should create a character write a story for it and set it as an example for future people that may want to join because I find a little difficult find the method of how it should be writen 


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IMO the current system is fine. You already receive a lot of guidance through the whole process, but the backstory section is an opportunity for you to let your creativity flow and show the kind of characters you're capable of creating and want to play. Giving a rigid guideline on that process hinders the imagination and doesn't give you the opportunity to showcase your abilities.

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@Vigilante-Nerd explains it pretty well. The character backstory section is the part where you can really make your creativity flow and make the character that you are playing truly yours. There's no 'perfect' or 'way that it has to written' for your character backstory, as long as it contains all of the information that is required to be in the backstory. I feel that if we were to set an example of how the backstory should be written, it could lead to people closely copying the example and changing the details, which is not something we like that see as we would much rather see people letting their creativity flow and truly making their character theirs.

If you are having writers-block or truly do not know where to start on your character's backstory, you can always check out other people's character pages to draw inspiration from. There are a lot of people in the community that have created amazing character pages and backstories for their character that could inspire you when creating your own. Just make sure not to copy and paste these backstories, as most of the times these are quickly recognized and could lead to your application being denied.

Good luck on writing your character's backstory and feel free to let me know if you need any help!

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I recommend checking out the guides section if you are struggling: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/247-guides/

General tip though is make a character you could relate to and that would help you enjoy RP. Think of the characters personality, maybe you would prefer to play a strong minded character or maybe a weak helpless character that always panics. Its all down to you to decide how you want the character to be.

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