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[66.0] - The Hostilities that crossed the mountains.


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  • Sapphire

Lieutenant de Wit clicked close his pen after writing his statement, he had been waiting for the right moment. Briefly he coughed and raised the radio towards his mouth; a moment of silence before the words followed. 

"To those it concerns; the civilians of Livonia and refugee's from Chernarus, my name is Marik de Wit; Lieutenant of Taskforce: 66 and the reason I decided to take this to the public is because right now; there is a plague, one that is not defined by the rotting corpses or the scars on both your mental and physical state. We have all suffered; all of you more so than I, for as I've been 'safe' in Section: 20. But when our blastdoors opened we saw something far worse, the citizens and free minds that our society holds so dear being forced into labor by the 5.0.3. came to our shelter and care."

"There has been resistance, by all of us individually which in turn was met with a certain failure. Last night a group of survivors showed courage and bravery by taking the fight to their doorstep. We can fight back and for those that are sick and tired of standing by as your hard earned belongings are taken from you yet another time, join us and together we can end this tyranny once and for all. Slava 5.0.3's demise; victory to the living."

"We understand you are scared, and I'll have to ask you to put your feelings of despair aside. This has to end and this can only end together; rally your cause and join the Liberation."





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Henderson solemnly presses the PTT

”I will not give up fighting until each and every single one of those punks are gone, you have my full support sir. I will not fail the people of Livonia or so god help me.I was trained to protect people and save them, I'm going to do my damn job. I was at the siege, we can take them, only if we are united. We will win.”

Henderson releases the PTT and walks into the woods. 

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He holds his PTT close To himself.

”We are with you to the very end and we are with anyone else willing to be apart of this liberation.”

you can hear the sound of a rifle being cocked back.

“We’re coming...”

Feed cuts out...

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Capet getting a large canister of Copenhagen tobacco dip tapping it multiple times and grabbing some dip and inserting it into the mouth.
As he chews on the dip he presses the PTT.

"Those 503 Motherfuckers act like those degenerate pigs that remind me of them untrained Afghan Terrorists I've been trained to kill.
*spits out a chunk of dip*
Fucking ridiculous."

"You are beneath me, beneath humanity, a parasite that infests on the humane living world. You don't even deserve to fucking fuck." 
*Chewing sound in background*

"I cannot wait to meet you in the battlefield. We will overwhelm you with strength, unity, discipline, and overwhelming firepower. None of you have ever witnessed or seen."

"If you hear this broadcast I highly advice you to fucking leave...You will be in a heap of trouble, and your life will be in jeopardy."
*spits out some tobacco*

"It isn't up to me to judge you to be sent to  the heavens or hell *sighs in background* that is up to God. However, IT IS UP TO ME TO SEND YOU TO HIM!"

*spits out the last of his dip*

"May God rest your souls."

Releases PTT as he puts away his Dip.

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  • Diamond

Riggs would press his PTT

This is Riggs Fuller from the 5.0.3... Riggs Fuller. Can we all stop acting like the hero's we aren't... its kind actually ridiculous that you NATO people think there is still hope to fight for... Its sad how delirious you guys are.

Riggs would start to chuckle loudly

See you soon...

Riggs would release PTT

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  • Emerald

Open band, repeating.

"-- . ... ... .- --. . / -... . --. .. -. / .-.-.- / -.-- --- ..- / . .. - .... . .-. / .--- --- .. -. / - .... . / ..... ----- ...-- / --- .-. / -.-- --- ..- / -... ..- .. .-.. -.. / --- ..- .-. / .-- .- .-.. .-.. ... / .-.-.- / -- . ... ... .- --. . / . -. -.."


"message begin . you either join the 503 or you build our walls . message end"


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There is a burst of static, accompanied by a British accent.

"Hi guys. You know me as Keith. Let me start off by saying that I am no friend of the 503. I've been robbed, beaten, shot at and threatened by them, and if it comes down to it, I'll stand with the lesser of two evils - you lot. But let me remind you that you're not so innocent yourselves." 

There is a pause. 

"You say that you are "sick and tired of standing by" as our "hard earned belongings" are stolen. The 503 take guns, they take ammo. Medicine, perhaps. But less than a month ago your people kicked down our door. Your people stole damn near everything not nailed down. Your people denied, lied and swindled us more and more. You might not hurt us, like the 503 may have, but please don't pretend that you're shining bastions of freedom." 

There is another pause. 

"I spoke to Constantinescu, just before he died. He contacted me, admitted everything, asked for forgiveness. You know what? I gave it to him."

He swallows. 

"I tried to get a doctor for him, but he refused. And then he died."

A brief pause.

"Then, a couple days ago, I spoke to Kingston, I think I just heard him here. He confirmed it too. Mister de Wit, this can't keep happening. I'm sure you're tired of hearing my voice, the arguments, the radio-warrioring. Hell, I know I'm certainly tired of yours, heh."

Another pause. 

"I want an apology. A real one. From you, personally. I don't even care about the supplies anymore. Give me that, give me an apology for breaking into my home and taking my supplies, scaring my family, and I'll stand with you against what's coming. I don't care about your motives, maybe you thought we were someone else. It hardly matters now. I have military grade ammunition I have no need for, and a hell of a lot of friends. Show me that you mean it when you say you want to make Livonia safer. Please, let us both put this behind us."

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  • Diamond

*Roy lights yet another cigarrete, leans back in his chair and presses the PTT*

''HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good luck fellas! We already build the walls twice as tall with the bodies of your old friends''

*Roy takes a few draws of his cigarette*

''If you want to help build the walls even higher, feel free! We can always use more lumber or bodies''

''Swing on by, I'll be waiting at the front gate with open arms and a few hundred rounds''

*Roy places his radio on the table and looks out the window*

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  • Sapphire

The Lieutenant tuned into the frequency


"Daniel, I will personally take full responsibilty. You were misidentified as a hostile compound in the vicinity of Sitnik. This was never allowed to happen. And I'm sorry."

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  • MVP

*Michael looks at his radio as he yawned, clicking the button*

"Beep beep, boop, is this working? Yeah I believe so.
Anyway, hello again!

Now I'm not into the whole radio warrior thing, so I won't really be arsed to sling insults at you, I will however state some -facts- upon you and blow your mind.

You've publicly stated in another broadcast that you support the Corporation and all that it is doing, which is essentially kidnapping, experimenting, drawing blood, and doing some creepy ass shit to people y'know.

How're you the shining bastion of freedom as another fella just put it, if you can be in support of people who do what we do, and worse?

As my dear David said - you either join the 5.0.3, or you build our walls. We ain't unreasonable, we give you food, water, tools, and a nice pat on the back. And you've done your service to the governmental regime of the 5.0.3 Livonia chapter.

Praise be the revolution. "

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  • Emerald

*He is sitting on the prison roof, enjoying the peace and quiet. Wind is howling in the background as he presses down the PPT*

''What's up with all you people painting targets on your own back nowadays, if you want a fight, then bring it.''

''Actions speak louder than words, right?''

''I'll be waiting right here, maybe light up the barbie and host a party. If you change your mind maybe you can join in after you contribute to our community, voluntarily ofcourse.''

*he would release the PTT*

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  • Titanium

Jack listens in on the radio conversation before commenting when a space of silence is given for him tovfreely speak. 

"Survivors of Livonia, I have often wondered if these 5-0-3 clowns really think that in their own warped and fucked up reality that they see themselves to be the good guys.

How can a group who enslaved individuals for labor, married women off like human chattel to it's members, tortures individuals for no rhyme or reason attempt to talk as if they have any moral superiority in any situation?

 The fact is they cannot, and anyone who harbors the 5-0-3, allows them safe quarters, passes on information to them, you're days are numbered as well.

Livonia cannot truly thrive whilst these dogs operate, petty differences must be put aside and like a rabid animal, they must not be allowed exist. Sergeant Barbarič, out."

Jack slowly exales, his adrenaline still boiling over from the night prior. He placed his radio back in his belt and noticed that his hands were still stained with the blood of some poor fuck he executed at Kopa.

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  • Diamond

The radio goes from static to clear as a man with a Texas accent speaks

"I've had no quarrel with the 503. They have not mistreated me or forced me into slavery. They even gave me medicine while I was seeking refuge in their castle. I've heard the rumors though and I can speak from personal experience, they are unfounded. Likely because I spoke to their members as people and never cared if their 503 or not. My issues came from An Pobal but now that An Pobal is now under the leadership of a former comrade from the old NHF days, I see them becoming prosperous once more. 

He takes a deep breath

"Stop this needless bloodshed y'all! We have bigger issues brewing. And Leo, if you're out there, I hope you are well brother."

He slips and falls in the river losing his radio to the current 

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*Youd hear both shock and anger in his voice, the PTT is pressed*

"James, are you fucking kidding me? no quarrel with the 503? Where do you get your balls from to play both sides like that? Actually show the pair you got, for fucks sake.

And for Mr. Duquesne, that's all you do? Just some labor and off you go? Please. Do me a favor and force the last two brain cells in your head to do some labor. Holy hell."

*The PTT is released* 

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  • Emerald

*Hughie raises his radio up, holding down the PTT then.*

"How 'bout ya' leave the fightin' to the big boys huh? Up Joyce."

*There's a short laugh before the radio falls silent.*

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  • Emerald

*Martin would hear the radio chatter while laying down in a field having a calm night. He would sigh before picking up the radio and press the PTT*

"Alright. So this is like the 50th time we are doing this? Talking smack over the radio? Personally i love doing it to piss people off. But this time it really isn't worth my time. Fuck 503 here, fuck 503 there. We understand boys and girls. You want to feel like you are gearing up to take down skynet or some shit but calm your asses down. Yet again people are disturbing my peace. I'm just going to stay with my soon to be brother in law Duquesne on this one."

*Martin would stare into the night sky for a minute before continuing.*

"Slava 503 boys. Slava 5,0,3."

*Martin would be so tired he would forget to release the PTT.*

"Fy faen så folk ska klage da. Næææi, fe væl ta me ei øl. Skål'a."
(Holy shit people are complaining. Naah, i'll get myself a beer. Chears.)

*The radio would go silent*

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  • Diamond

He picks up the radio thinking he hears a familiar voice

"If that's you Jacob, I got more BALLS than you to step into the 503's home and speak them normally while you HIDE from them and talk smack over the radio! Where is that Black Rose spirit you claim to have? "Roses grow in the sun not the shade!" Bobby taught me that."

He throws his radio into the river 

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  • Sapphire

(66.0) Sparks to live as the constant static sound is interrupted by the Lieutenant. 

"We took heavy casualties in our onslaught against the prideful murderers and thieves of the 5.0.3. If we can persevere during their brutality so can you. Rise up against their oppression and bind together in times like these; reach out to me if you need a cause to fight for. We will take Soldiers from any armed forces; our forward operating base is at the coordinates: "0578.42 - 2758.10 - Be weary for the tree's they're watching you." 


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