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AndreyQ's Bandits talk too much appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 




Why the verdict is not fair: Because I did not break any of the radio thread rules.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: 

  • hate messages, overly hostile replies

This was not a message of hate, nor was it overly hostile.

  • radio warriors, provoking, taunting

I was not provoking anyone nor taunting. I was merely stating a remark which could have led to some AMAZING roleplay, as people already responded to the thread and I was looking forward to continuing the discussion. Unfortunately it got shutdown and no roleplay could be had. This could have led to some great interactions down the line where bandits would have to be careful not to talk so much.

  • replies that add nothing to the conversation, consist of just insults, laughter, mocking of others, memes, etc

This was not a reply, so it doesn't apply. I was starting a new thread, not trying to contribute to an ongoing conversation.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed and less talking from the bandits.

What could you have done better?: From my perspective I could have shot 2 bandits instead of one in order to add to the realism. From the bandits perspective they shouldn't have talked too much.

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Hello @AndreyQ

The staff team have looked over your appeal and have decided to deny it. 

We believe the original warning was correct. The reason for the denial is because your radio transmission stating "You talk to much" adds nothing to promote a conversation in the thread. It was a clear violation of the radio chatter rules

4. Keep all your messages relevant and on topic. Content that is prohibited in radio chatter (including IC):

hate messages, overly hostile replies

radio warriors, provoking, taunting

replies that add nothing to the conversation, consist of just insults, laughter, mocking of others, memes, etc

We expect everyone who wishes to use the radio chatter threads to add to the conversation and not just put four words that do not tempt a conversation. Some suggestions if you wish to tell someone or a group they talk too much, tell them why you think they talk to much, explain who you are targeting, add a bit more meaning to your conversation to prevent this from happening in the future.

With that being said,


Signed by: @Scarlett & @Eagles

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