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A message to NATO, Corp, lev, and wynn

GG Boys

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  • Titanium

*noah would press down his ptt while sitting in ratnik armor and a m4 at his side*

”Hello lovely ladies and gentlemen. To start this I will be demanding 5 plate carriers 2 m4s and 1 AKM from the group known as S:20. Failure to fill these demands within 3 days will result in forfeit of of any vehicles that you may own as well as forfeit of life as we will execute your members until our demands are met.


Corporation, you are to deliver 2 vehicles both of them filled with medical supplies within 4 days. Failure to deliver said supplies will result in forfeit of life on a massive scale as we will attack and win.


Lev and Wynn, you are to collect Jacob and turn yourselves in within 8 hours of this radio broadcast, failure to do so will get your friends killed and we will come looking, tarnow is your home, if hate to make it 503s new outpost. Mock it if you want but now every time I have showed up anywhere your friends have died. Funny how we just talked  a couple days ago and got everything squared out but yet another group of people that betray my trust. For your sake if reccomend turning yourself in cause you don’t want me to come looking.


Oh and deacon, yeah hi there mr “can’t wait to blow this kids brains in” what happened to that. Please our last 6 encounters have ended in you getting shot. Get your head out of your ass and realize you are not anything. Simply a man that wishes he had any semblance of power. You will have 2 days to turn yourself in but seeing as you seem to like getting shot since everytime you do you seem to  one back talking more shit than before.... I will be seeing you soon. 

also wanted to throw this in there, Wolfpack and associated allies, id like to talk privately with you. Please contact me.”


*noah would stand over many dead bodies in a pile, and throw a match into it lighting them ablaze*


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  • Emerald

*You'd hear a deep Turkish voice coming through the radio*


"Anarchy Wardog Turk here. You're 16y old, please stop demanding shit."


*As Turk would end his message you'd hear Turkish music in the background*



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  • Titanium

“Anarchy war dog huh, that’s really cool except I don’t remember asking. Anarchy is a bit irrelevant now a days isn’t it?  Thank you for your input Turk, anarchy war dog.”

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  • Sapphire

*Alejandro Clicks on the PTT button*

HAHAHAHAH! Who's this puto tryna demand things ese, where you at fool.

Aint nobody gonna give you shit bitch boy, if you got a problem with that come see me. 

Chupa mi dolo Vatooooo!

*after he said that Love Sosa plays in the background as he releases the PTT button*


*He clicks his PTT again*

Also tell the man CJ he fucked when imma see his white ass.


*He releases the button again.*


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  • Event Master

John shakes his head when he hears the kid talking, he presses the PTT

Jesus fucking christ, I didn't know fucking kindergarden was already fucking over. Who gave you the fucking radio kid?

whatever, listen here kiddo, last time people acted fucking big on the fucking radio they got fucking destroyed.

You 503 fellas seem to do the fucking same, so I will give you one advise.

I don't give a fuck what you do but stop acting like the big ones on the radio, because you are not the big fucking people alright?

Alright have a wonderful day lads.

He releases the PTT


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There is a crackle once more as Ken presses down his PTT

"I know that voice. You really want to make demands? I remember you crying in Zelenogorsk and trying to make yourself seem like a victim to the people who later became the Samaritans. You're literally the least scary 'bad guy' out there. You're going to make demands from actual scary groups? Yikes.

He releases the PTT.

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  • Sapphire

A brief reply from the Lieutenant.

"We do not negotiate with terrorists."

The message ends as abrubtly as it started. 

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Im not scared by you, not scared by any threats and I’ll be there no matter where it is with my sniper. I’ll be waiting ...



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  • Diamond

"Next time, watch where you step...your ears still ringing? I told you, I don't want to fight with you. But as long as you stand as CJ's personal guard dog, you'll be at the wrong end of my sights, kid. Sorry we fucked up all your plate carriers. 

Have some pride and quit letting yourself be used by that dotard. You do realize that after you sent this, an actual 503 member contacted me saying you don't speak for the 503, and no one wants you there? You're better than them. They just use you because you can shoot better too."

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  • Sapphire

*shelby would drop up his destroyed radio and pick up a new one from the pile of dead 503.* 

“alright lad do you want fries with that order? Haha that was a funny joke thank you thank you. Until I see some identification of being s federal judge I’m not handing over shit especially not my 3 plate carriers that I’ve stacked between my jacket, pouches and plate carrier itself... that’s how it’s supposed to work right? Also wynne is that you. Don’t put Noah Russo and better shooter in the same sentence thank you.

*he would then put the new radio in his back pack and eat some more delicious soup from the soup kitchen.*

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  • Diamond

The radio would go live after some static

"When did the 503 start acting like the Black Roses and Anarchy put together?"

The radio would stop working after the excessive rain would mess up the wiring inside 

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*You'd hear an emotionless voice come through. The PTT is pressed down.*

"Noah. Nothing got squared away. We talked to you, and twenty four hours later, you boys show up once to rob us, and another time to scare the civilians. You want to try to square it away still? Fine. You radio me privately. I know you still have my radios code. We didn't betray shit, you did. So come to Tarnow, for all i give a fuck."

*The PTT is released.*

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  • Emerald

*Wulf chimes in*

"What ever hostilities may occur within the town of Tarnow"

"Please do bear in mind..."

"The north side of town houses Wulf Company LTD's regional headquarters"

"Unfortunately i did not opt in to the 12 month mumble rapper insurance plan, and therefor, I'am not covered should the building be damaged during a rap feud"

"So if a battle ensue's as a result of this ridiculous list of demands..."

"I would appreciate both parties to avoid the industrial complex in general"

*Chimes out*



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  • Diamond

*Toby would press the PTT

Sounds like your some new kid working for CJ, now I haven't worked for CJ in a while but from I do remember is that he makes the demands not you. Now fall into rank and let him do the talking and accept whatever share he gives you.

*Toby releases the PTT*

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  • Titanium

*CJ would hold down the PTT while leaning back in his deck chair he has conveniently placed on the roof of the prison to watch the sun rise after waking up.*

*He would reach for his radio and holds it up to his mouth before pressing the PTT*

You are right Toby I will give you that, so here I will do the talking.
To the lovely shits that call their self the coalitions
There will be no negotiations. 
There will be no talks.
There will be no light at the end of this dark tunnel you have got your self in.

*He takes a quick pause and admires the final moments of the sun rising before returning to his overly used monologue*

The only thing waiting for these scum
Are the grave they just dug their selves. 
Boasting about raiding while people are asleep.
Allying with corporation and still claiming to be good people.

*Places down the radio for a few moments, Taking a few thinking about how easy it was to assault a Nato base and take ABSOLUTELY everything they had.*

*He laughs to him self for a while, really savouring such thoughts*

You see the difference between 5.0.3 and this scum.
We take our issues to them head on.
We fight with our pride and honour.
We do not wait for them to sleep.
We do not hide in the bushes while the sun rises up.
We do not fear whats outside of my prison walls.

*A bird flew past almost hitting me, I stabilise my self on the chair, chuckles to him self once more down the radio thinking how the innocent little bird is braver than the coalitions*

The 5.0.3 Are proud of who we are.
We are thieves. 
We are killers.
We harass those who live under this fake mask called GOOD.
Now we get to the part where I give you some hints of what to do.
Pack your bags.
Drag those dead bodies around your compound.
Load up what ever you have.
And run across the border once more.
Like you did in south Zagoria. 

*He sighs  down the radio, thinking about how his fun was spoiled last time they ran to a different country*

Anyway this shit is gay. So im outie.
Next time I see any of you, I am putting you down. 

*Throws the radio behind him and it lands within the court yard. 

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* John holds down his ptt after hearing CJ *

Your are right Cj it was easy to take our stuff from the base  especially if you dress up as traders en try to act like traders and dont wear your terrorist outfits. nice sneak attack tho

next time just come in your uniform like we do and fight like a man .

*john lets go of the radio to soort out wats left of the base*



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  • Sapphire

*Max Hears this Message and chuckles for a second and replies* 

Fight like a man?... Interesting This coming from the people that like to break in to bases while the occupants sleep. Now I know you don't know who I am, but laddie, I don't think you would know what being a man is if it slapped you in the face.

*Max ends the transmission*

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*Rich Would Turn on his radio, putting out his fag before standing up from his camping chair.*

"Can you 5.0.3 termites get off of the radio for 5 minutes, you are giving me a headache, if you want your guns back, go and get them."

*He laughs before ending transmission.*


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  • Diamond

*Riggs would press his PTT aggressively* 

Can we stop all this radio big dicking citizens of Livonia? Like for real y'all are just too pussy to say it face to face so you hide behind a radio and say that shit. But when your behind the barrel of my M4 you'll be fuckin' shakin' homie. Grow some fucking balls. Last time the so said coalition tried to attack us we scared they asses off. So get the fuck off this radio frequency, get some balls and come meet face to face! RIGGS OUT!!

*You would hear him cock his M4. He would press PTT*

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"Hey, CJ? My main man, you need to lay off the Conan the Barbarian. You're not some byronic character, whose savage actions against others are justified. Also, you claim to fight with pride and honor. I find that very interesting. Tell me, what do you know of pride, and honor? Do you hold pride in knowing that you bully the weak, and those who are just trying to live in this world, even when they work for you? That's not pride, CJ. That's ego. You know nothing of pride. You're the equivalent of the schoolyard bully. Do you believe there is honor in attacking vastly outnumbered groups, many of whom do little to deserve it? Because it always seems to be that way, and yet you lost the fights for Kings Ridge against the Joyces and John Smith's guys, as well as frequently get your larger groups rinsed at the Soup Kitchen by Wolf Pack and it's community. If you were supposedly so honorable, then surely you wouldn't come back later and steal cabinets as if that tallies in for your victories?"

*There's a pause.*

"Let's shift the diametric a little, shall we? Let's work on what I just said. By your logic, you're just as cowardly as the Coalition. You attack defenseless settlements and enslave them. Might makes right my ass. You all seem to go running whenever someone who fights shows up. Another thing...are you sad, CJ? That's a rhetorical question, really. It doesn't matter what emotion you are feeling right now. What you are is sad. You're a man who kidnaps women and forces them to marry himself and his fighters, or preying on mentally unstable girls who you entice with 'gang shit'. You're less of a Sociopath, and more of a Sex Offender. How about you have a seat right there, and you realize exactly how pathetic that is? The fact is, you rally behind your so-called 'evilness', claiming you fight against good like some kind of Saturday Cartoon Villain, and it's honestly getting old. Blast off again, Team Rocket. You espouse virtues yet can't help but see the irony that anyone who is truly evil would never claim to have honor or pride, or anything admirable."

*Another pause.*

"Let me address the hangers-on, now. You fight in your own underhanded way, and those who rally against you will fight how they like. Go ahead; criticize it and bitch. At the end of the day, your prison was still broken into. Your stuff stolen, and sure, you raided NATO in retaliation, but with their allies and the sheer weight of force rallied against you, they'll be built back up in a matter of days, if not less. Unlike you boys though, they're actually man enough to do the work themselves. Don't stand on a pedestal and then be surprised when those you turn your noses down on knock it out from under you. Micheal, why are you with these fucks, again? Why did  you bring your men into this? Would Eife approve of this? If anything, off CJ already and take over. Gods know you'd make for a more credible threat at the top than this utterly unironic edgelord. How 'bout you, Noah? Why are you working for this clown, still? We both know CJ is not the type of boss for you. You may be a robber and a bandit yourself, but these kind of guys are so far under your league it's insulting. That's all for today, folks. I've got business to conduct."


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  • Diamond

*Vito would press down on his PTT while putting his feet up on his desk, at the same time starts to wipe off the blood of his enemies off his face *

                 Vito here and I'm going to have to agree with Riggs here, you all talk your big game hiding behind a radio but are too scared to face us in person. Instead people just wait for

most of us to fall asleep to attack us. There is absolute no honor in doing that. We do not forgive, we do not forget, we will come for you. 

You believe these attacks on us will help take us down? Nope, all it does is pisses us off more. You will be put down. Veni, Vidi, Vici.

*You hear him cock his weapon back, stands up then he presses the PTT button*

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  • Emerald

*Hughie simply cannot believe his ears and lifts his radio up to his mouth, beginning to hold the PTT down as he begins to speak.*

"You mean like that big game ye' boys talk from behind your prison walls? An absolute rake of honor in that lads, bravo."

*There's a chortle of laughter from Hughie before the PTT is released.*

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The sword unsheathes itself with the assistance of a mighty hand bracing its guard. 
The PTT is then followed with the words of a nobleman!

I am Sir Kingston! Knight of Dolnik! The untouchable! The Unbreakable! THE UNKILLABLE! If battle is to be had it should be on the field- so it may get settled once and for all! Only in the sacrifice of our brave soldiers, farmers and leaders will history be made! 

The sword then is heard whipping through the air and a mighty cry can be heard from a crowd followed with the sound of more swords being drawn! 


the feed then ends...

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