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An apology to CJ.


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  • Diamond

a static-ridden transmission would erupt over the airwaves

"Good morning, 503! 

About 20 hours ago, you charming fellas rolled up to my front porch, yet again, and told me to apologize to you for any grief that myself and my friends may have caused you and your very sensitive band of whipping boys. CJ gave me his word that if I made an apology publicly over these frequencies, he would not return and...what was it? Marry me off to some half brained lap dog? Enslave my friends? Of course, CJ is not a man of his word, and not even 9 hours later, said lucky groom appeared in my town, and, well, it just confirmed something I already knew about that pudgy cod.

His word doesn't mean shit.

Well, ahem, here is your apology, my sweet king.

Sorry we hit your base and tore down all of your doors save for one...oh, and sorry for shooting you, and your men.

See you soon, your highness."

There would be a scraping sound followed by a thud, the sound of a rifle being bolted, and the abrupt pierce of gunfire before the radio goes silent, and lays in the gravel, in pieces

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  • Emerald

Open channel, a rubuttle.

*Brief static followed by* " -- . ... ... .- --. . / .-. . -.-. .. . ...- . -.. / .-.-.- / -... . --. .. -. / .-. . .--. .-.. -.-- / .-.-.- / .- - - .- -.-. -.- / .-. . .--. . .-.. .-.. . -.. / .-.-.- / . --.- ..- .. .--. -- . -. - / .-. . -.-. --- ...- . .-. . -.. / .-... / .- --.- ..- .. .-. . -.. / .-.-.- / .--. . .-. ... --- -. . .-.. / .-.. --- ... ... . ... / -- .. -. .. -- .- .-.. / .-.-.- / . -. -.. / .-. . .--. .-.. -.-- / .-.-.- "  *transmission repeats*




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  • Titanium

*CJ would be sitting in the back of his impenetrable prison, Looking at the final metal gate the enemies failed to get through with all their might*

*Reaching for umbra/section 20's radio his men has given him prior. while sipping on his discounted margarita holding down the PTT*

Well Well Well... Isnt it the women who decided to try sell her self to members of Syndicate back in Tulga.
Or should I say the woman who licked shit and mud of my very toes on her knees. 
Or should I say the woman who is dating a dude who does NOTHING when I am beating some character into her.

*CJ would put his radio down by his side for a moment while he continues to sip his discounted margarita*

Its funny because my boys in the prison said you never actually got in. 
Many of you died attempting then decided to run off with your tails between your legs
Some are even saying you waited until we was asleep to attack.
There is no honour or pride in that. 
Boasting about it on the radio just shows who you truly are. 

*He would begin to chuckle thinking about their pathetic attempt.*

Who you truly are. Cowards.
When we see you face to face on the roads.
You say nothing. Do nothing.
You do absolutely Nothing.

*CJ would yet again sip that fine discounted Margarita, Holding up his hawaiian shirt for a moment thinking about a holiday he once had. before continuing to talk*

But yea... Thanks for the guns and ammunition. After Wolfpacks better attempt to raid.
We really needed it. 

*Would throw the radio in the back with the rest that has been piled up, ending the broadcast*

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  • Emerald

Martin would still be in one of the prison beds trying to sleep but decides to pick up the radio and respond

"I've been trying to sleep but for some reason there's a ton of gunfire going on. As i didn't care much i just lay back down and tried to sleep. The other lads did the work for me anyways. My boy Gibson did a lot of it to be honest. He shot about eeh... YO GIBSON! HOW MANY DID YOU SHOOT? 5? Alright. Yeah 5 of your so called warriors met Gibson's feet. Mans a terminator not gonna lie. This is why i didn't care too much and just stayed in bed. If the so called "Half brained dogs" just fucked your men up then i'm starting to question the brains of your own dogs. 

*You would hear Martin chuckle*

You want to talk about dogs? Bitch we are wolves, you're dogs barking all this shit, and you'r rolling with a bunch of pussy's thinking you're legit. Get the fuck off our territory.

I also expect to be called "Your highness" next time we meet. I'm going to get the other boys to gather the kindly donated weapons from your dead men. Thanks to our half brained dogs your no brain dogs are dead. Have fun and have a good day *KISS KISS* 

Slava 5.0.3 and i'm looking forward to another failed attempt."

Martin would sigh, roll his eyes and say one last thing not directly into the radio.

"Women..... Always got to be so difficult."

*Martin would release the PTT*

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  • Emerald

 celebrating with a fresh pint after another successful defense, sitting on the roof glaring at the newly acquired collection of bodies scattered across the prison grounds. He gets rudely interrupted in his rejoice by a familiar voice over the radio, one whom he wished not to hear whine once more.

 fumbling for the PTT drunk and almost spitting his beer back out laughs into the radio before speaking

I must apologize but i thought yer radio call rather amusing lass. So yet you speak aye?

I'll tell you this much lassie, nothing we say is false, we would enslave you, as well as marry you away. After recent actions you will now put it into motion
Fellar whom was there didn't even touch ya. And better yet you have to come to my home with guns and nades. Yet another attempt failed

The man would pause breaking into laughter but hinders himself finishing his polish wheat water

Well as you yet again spew lies over the radio, i will give you the courtesy of updating you on the situation. Your men attacked us outnumbering our men four to one, Yet your men fall like flies to one potato picker lurking in the wood. The rest running like cowards.
He grunts into his radio reminded by the piercing gun wound in his chest

We gave you 24 hours to apologize and you will be left unharmed, instead you send a pathetic brigade to our doorstep. It shows me more then enough of what kind of person you are, nervous and in hiding for the big bad wolf. I'm sad you weren't there so we could finish our ordeal at the prison.
You shot yourself in the foot coming over here. You betrayed our agreement and there will now be consequences. Your men could not find me, but we'll always find you, no matter where you venture. How well you hide, your fate lies with the rotters.
You should've stuck to chanting ''Fuck 503'' marching your little parade.
See you soon dear by the courtesy of Gibson

Another taunting laugh can be heard over the radio before it finally fades out


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*Gipsy would turn on his radio and hear the full message... After a bit he presses the PTT button and you can hear the sound of guns clinging while he is walking.*

"You have guts to talk like this and attack my home... Listen here lady, you were given the chance to get out of this clean and live on with your life, instead you decided to go the worst path possible. You knew the consequences, I hope you said goodbye to your boyfriend...

This will mean war and slaughter for you and your associates... Better live up to the name of your terrorist organisation and hide."

*He turns off his radio and continues walking, thinking of the horrors that are going to come up next.*

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  • Emerald

*You'd hear Turk through the radio blasting Tarkan through his speakers*


"Anarchy Wardog Turk here, Martin since when did you become a though lad? I remember ordering you to bring me some logs at Cherno together with my boy Falk. You used to lick our asses clean boy.. Same for most of you nerds actually. What is this all slaves came together and are acting up now?


I knew i should have taken each one of you the other day when you'all came to act cute at the soup kitchen, my mistake i guess. Should beat some sense in you nerds again.


*You'd hear Turk singing along Tarkan as he would turn his radio off."

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  • Emerald

*Martin would hear Turk’s responce and roll his eyes before responding*

«Hmm Turk. I was indeed a different person back then. But i do remember someone in a woodline that i sniped and dragged waaaay out into the field the other day and left him there to die but i guess u didnt die. Also remember a sertain person rushing me in the prison back in chernarus. Hmm. I wonder who that person was turk?» 


*Martin would laugh and release the ptt*

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  • MVP

*Mikhail hears the conversation and hold down his PTT*

"Bozhe ty moy, do you people have nothing better to do with time beside fight and measure petukh on radio?"
"Why everyone always announce everything they do and have done on radio?"

"You have no self worth? You need everyone know what happened or else it did not happen? Ne ponimayu..."

*He sighs*

"Action mean more than word on radio moi druz'ya. Instead of fight on radio, actually fight."
"Keep radio for things that are actually interesting, we do not care for you personal problems."

"Chertovy deti..."

*He releases his PTT*

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  • Diamond

- user has received a caution for this post -

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*He picks up his radio and presses the PTT, a clear tone of annoyance in his voice.*

"Could we all just agree to stop mentioning CJ on the damn radio? It's great to hear anytime someone stands up to him, but the hours of responses from the rest of the 'Knights of CJ' give me such a headache."

*His voice changes to a more lighthearted tone.*

"Anyways CJ, I heard you've been starving up there in that prison of yours, so I'm glad to hear these fine people could give you some of that 'potato salad' you and the rest of the knights have been looking for. I'm sure they'll have more for you soon."

*His radio cuts out*

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