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[LIVONIA] Callout to NATO Forces


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  • Diamond

*the radio static is broken by an American accent*

*inaudible*.......on this net.....*inaudible*.......any statio.....*inaudible*... this is Sierra Alpha Detla, US Army....*inaudible*......Opertation Head Hunter is still a go, I repeat op...*inaudible*...a go.

*the frequency slowly grows stronger*

Overlord Echo last update dated 07 April, 2018 all remaining units operating are to continue on last standing orders. All NATO forces in livonia, requesting radio checks and updates on secure networks.

To any command units of Operation Head Hunter prepare to copy head count break.

India: 612

Romeo Foxtrot: 37

Bravo: 66

Uniform: 7

Operational Area of this unit is limited, manpower and supplys low, requesting aid from any US/NATO forces still operating in area.

This is Sierra Alpha Delta out.

*The radio static returns shortly after*

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  • Sapphire

A voice pretudes the Americans frequency. Rough polish accent. 

"Long was from home, American. This is Antoni Nuwak of the First Battalion Reconnaissance Unit, Livonia Defence Force, I am not NATO but I can help you just as much. Reach out to me in a private frequency, I will establish a secure line. You hear me? I'll be waiting for your reply."

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  • Diamond

*The sound of heavy rain can be heard on an old roof as the frequency lights up once more*

Antoni Nuwak this is Sierra Alpha Delta I received your last message, I will contact you privately once I can improve my comms situa...*the audio garbles before a smack is heard along with a soft "fuck"*

As you can hear my comms are less than stellar.

Stay safe, the undead seem more restless than usual.


*The frequency goes silent as the sound of the thunderstorm blasts away*

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