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[LIVONIA] A call from Sitnik


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  • Diamond

*the radio static breaks away to the sounds of an American Accent smacking the radio*

W---W---W----FUCK..........*Loud smack* WORK GOD DAMN IT. Check check, I hope this old fuck is still working. This I'd Alexander Davidson, I'm currently camped out near the town of Sitnik, livonia. I'm looking for a place called *a crumpling of paper is heard briefly* soup kitchen? I am in need of some assistance I'm lost. If anyone is able to lead me to the right place I would be greatful. This God forsaken rain is messing with my equipment so I might not be able to respoaanhshen *the radio garbles and then a solid smack is heard again* fuck this thing. But yes I will be around.

*the radio clicks off and static fills the airwaves again*

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  • Emerald

*Wulf chimes in*

"One hunna meters west of the town, across the field, at an old summer camp"

"You will find the soup"

"Be careful you don't get shot, the people that frequent the place have brought war down upon them"

*Wulf chimes out*

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  • Diamond

*The radio static briefly breaks* 

Thank you for the info and i dont want to cause trouble just get back on my feet.

*The static quickly returns*

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