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A knights Tale

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The Voice brings the feed to life.

”Well than- on the marrow everyone. My name is Sir Kingston and I would love to inform you about my survival. The Lord of dolnik sent me out on my way to form an army. This would be for the soul purpose of protecting the southern lands from evil dwellers like those walking corpses! The journey was great and the allies I’ve made are but many. The army was increasing for every town I stopped in! Haza! Unfortunately the story will end here for now! Seems like I’ve got company.”

You can hear the sound of a sword unsheathing and a walking corpse growling.

”Back You foul Beast!”

as the growling ends so does the feed. 


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The Lieutenant tuned in

"On your way to the FOB please stop by a doctor to check your concussion. I cant bear to lose a Corporal right now"

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A deep voice follows:

"Wait... is that the Corporal? Hey, Lieutenant, you may want to have a word with him again regarding the use of recreational drugs while on duty."

*Audibly grumbles*

"Pfft, youngsters these days..."

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A British accent breaks over the airwaves

"Ser Kingston! Good to hear you're alive and well. I quite enjoyed our little jaunt together, even if it did end with you beating me with a stick. I'd still recommend painting up that helmet of yours though, cam and concealment and such. Stay safe and I'm sure we'll quest once more."

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