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Server time (UTC): 2023-06-07 23:36

KOS @ 503 base entrance


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Server and location:  livonia dayZRP. at the entrance to the 503 base

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  Server time (UTC): 2020-02-29, 22:15 (ish)

Your in game name: Dave Green

Names of allies involved: ?

Name of suspect/s:  503 ?

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): not that i know of

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): just a ''you are dead'' screen.

Detailed description of the events: so i was hunting mushrooms all around the map, and got close to the 503 base on the mountain, i decided to go in for a bit of roleplay, i knew i would probably get rekt in some way, but as long as its fun roleplay i dont mind losing my gear and stuff. so i went up there, as i read the note they left at the front, saying ''this is 503 base, fuck off!'' some guy walks up, we didnt exchange names, he was friendly, but noticed my voice sounded muffled, i tried to adjust my mic to get a better sound but it didnt work, after he gave me some warnings about 503 boys he walked off again, and i quickly tabbed out to check my mic settings, when i tabbed back in about 30 seconds later i was dead. so i cannot confirm anyone who did this, but i heard some strange voices from people i never heard before for a moment during my death screen. 

like i said i dont mind losing my gear, but aslong as it happens in some engaging roleplay, im down for whatever. this just seems like some lame bs.

Edited by Dave Green
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After taking a look at the server logs it's been determined you weren't killed by any player. Simply an infected that had wandered up to you while you were tabbed out fixing your mic.

22:23:30 | Player "Dave Green" (DEAD) killed by ZmbM_SoldierNormal

With that being said we're sorry for what happened but this report will be /closed.

Signed @Eagles @Elmo @Job

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