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[Livonia] Nadbor Regional Broadcast Channel - 102.5 MHz


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  • Sapphire

A week has passed since the passing of the former PSA voice, Daniel C. Leaving 77.1 in the dust, yet a new chime is heard on the 102.5 MHz, to locals of Livonia, they would identify the first few notes of a jingle played at night. 


"Dobry wieczór survivors and citizens of Livonia, respectively Nadbor Region. My name is Antoni Nuwak, member of the Livonian Defence Force. 

I am aware my voice is not common to how many expected back, I to was a listener to Mister Daniel C. reporting announcements over each Friday, 

Reaching out to the group he belonged, I was granted the right and honor to continue the Fallen man's work and bring to every listener what they need to hear, to remember why we are here. And mainly, to return to the old times where you sit and listen to the news. 


I always wanted to have my voice out to the people, looking for something new, to listen to a voice while they calm their senses, and to have an indirect company. 

Enough about presentation, before I start, a change will be brought to former Daniel's broadcast. Frequency 77.1, upon request, will be disabled and the public frequency 102.5 will be used to broadcast, these messages will only be played a few times every 10 minutes for an hour until a new frequency can be used. 

Additionally, every Wednesday this shall be played, with any news that could be gathered, if not, it will be played by a jingle. 


For the end of this week, I have no news to offer yet, I felt I should reach out and present myself, and hopefully I will be a voice to hear. If anyone seeks to reach out in private, this equipment allows me, my personal frequency I can be reached is 93.9. 


To any LDF Soldier still out there, for every Livonian man or woman still alive, you are not alone, seek my voice if you need aid. 


Stay alive out there. Good night."


The man cleared his throat before he repeated this message in Polish.

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  • Sapphire

The Livonian regional channel returns to life. 


"Dobry wieczór mieszkańcom Nadbor. Kilka dni w regionie widzieliśmy dużą sprzeczkę między zespołami i grupami, północą, południem i połączonymi stronami.

Wojna z zainfekowanymi wydaje się maleć, ponieważ różne poglądy kolidują z innymi. Rosjanie zostają zauważeni z powrotem na nasze ziemie, biorąc to, co uważają za swoje, myśląc, że nie żyjemy. Ale my nie jesteśmy.

Ale musimy pozostać silni, moi bracia i siostry, walczyliśmy o niepodległość, walczymy z tymi, którzy byli naszymi ... Możemy walczyć z zwycięskim wrogiem.

Nadeszła wiosna, błogosławieństwo Boga nad ziemią zwróci teraz słońce, o którym zawsze tęskniliśmy, a wraz z nim blask nadziei na przyszłość.

Wszyscy ukryci Livoni mężczyzna i kobieta, LDF lub urzędnik, wyciągają rękę. Słyszę głośno i wyraźnie.



Wilk patrzy"


The feed keeps going on, with a pause of 20 minutes for the following hours. 



"Good evening citizens of Nadbor.

The few days in the region, we have seen a large altercation between bands and groups alike, North, South and sides combined. 

The war on infected seems to dwindle as different views clash with another. 

Russians are also spotted back into our lands, taking what they think it's theirs, thinking we are dead. But we are not. 

But we need to stay strong, my brothers and sisters, we fought for independence, we fight against those who were our own... We can fight the conquering foe. 

Spring arrived, the blessing of God upon the land will now return the sun we always longed for, and with it, a glister of hope for the future. 

All hidden Livonian man and woman, LDF or official, reach out. I hear loud and clear. 


The Wolf watches"


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