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[Livonia] Requesting help

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*Blueberry looks over his maps at all the lines and marking on it and then looks at his notes on what he knows reaches over for his drink and twists the lid off stops himself before he drinks from his canteen of saline. He fastens the lid and places it back onto the table, he then grabs his other canteen and looks back to his maps and puts his head down on the table. He glances over at his radio he looks once more to his maps and sighs picking up his radio* 

This is Blueberry of the people of Zalesie and i am putting out a call for help. About four days ago Zoe Benson was kidnapped from the western field of Zalesie we have been searching from the moment it happened and have not found her. We feel her kidnappers maybe moving her periodically by car so as to make the hunt for her harder we know that one of the kidnappers has a Russian accent and that is about all we know so far. Iris the owner of the restaurant that she has become so well known for was kidnapped a day after Zoe Benson was kidnapped. At the time of her kidnap, as most of if not all of the people of Zalesie had gone out to find Zoe. Iris has been missing for 3 days now and we have even less info on her kidnappers as we had been out looking for Zoe. As i am aware of, the kidnappers have made no attempts to contact the people of Zalesie and after days of searching we have been unable to find them, so i am putting out a request for help from anyone who would call themselves a friend of either of the town or these two women. I have my idea's as to why Zoe has been kidnapped, however i can not think of one for iris. So this part is to the kidnappers. If you have been trying to get in contact with someone from the town  to make your demands to you can contact me here and then we can move to a more privet frequency to talk. 

*the broadcast ends and blueberry puts his radio on his bag grabs his maps and notes and heads out for the fourth day of searching*



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