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Can I Help You Find Something?

Player 1

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  • Diamond

The radio goes static as an American speaks with a Texas accent

"This is James, former... you know what, it doesn't matter anymore. I've set aside my desire for for anything but the help of others.... and preservation of my own life...... and the longing to get back to the States, but that besides the point. Over my years of being on this side of the world and being part of certain groups, I have noticed that I have the common talent for finding things. Seeing people smile and show emotions of glee or joy when I bring them something they are desperately needing, like nails, tetracycline, weapons, ammunition, and so much more, is what keeps me going... among other things, like the hope of getting out of Europe. Hell I'll take Canada or Mexico at this point. I keep getting off topic... sorry y'all."

He clears his throat and nearly drops the radio

"Ok, the point I'm trying to make is this: Can I help you find something? I tend to hang out in Toplin at the hospital. I'll try to start wearing a white cowboy hat so I can be seen but to be honest, just ask around and ask for me. I'm not afraid to tell you my name, but I will ask for yours. If you are looking for something, let me know. I'll try to find it for you. Most of the time it's for free unless I really need something myself. So yeah, there you have it. Groups and organizations are welcome to ask me to help them find them stuff. Find me in the Hospital in Toplin. I'm there at random times. If you find me on my scavenging runs, don't be afraid to ask for my help or ask me what I am carrying. Maybe it's something you need. 

He drops his radio on the ground

"Dammit! Not again-"

The sound of someone wiping their glove over the radio's mic can be heard

"So yeah.... that's pretty much it. Seek me out at the Hospital in Toplin and ask me to find something for you. Just keep in mind, the larger the order, the longer it will take. If you have an established home, I'll make the delivery there. Otherwise, we can meet in Toplin at the Hospital and I'll give you want to need. Speak to me in person and I'll give you my radio... frequency thing. This is James, signing off-"

The sound of the radio falling from his hand and rolling down a hill into the river is heard, as well as the swearing of a person trying to grab it. The radio would float away down the river. Luckily, he keeps a few spare radios on him.  

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  • Sapphire

"I hear our voice, man from the ranch. My name is Antoni Nuwak and I can make use of your services. 

I need two things, vital to me. A P6 scope for my Dragunov, and as many mags for the weapon itself, I can make my best to pay back in what I got if you seek a return payment. 

This frequency you hear me from, is how you can contact me. Some friends offered a powerful radio, fair to use it throughout my home.

Note me of your progress, Mister James, if so you would succeed. This scope I look for resembles the SVD Model's scope, but is longer and zooms in more."

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  • Sapphire

@Father Tiger

"I am still looking for someone to help me round up a few boxes of nails, a spool of metal wire and a few hatchets to finish a fence. If you feel so inclined hit me up on my private frequency- 86.5. If not, I will try and drop by Topolin to say hello. As soon as we get our little home up and running I would be happy to provide you with a nice homemade meal."


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  • Diamond

James pulls his radio off his belt while at a well and pumping water into a few large buckets and nearly drops it


"I am looking. But for an order like that, it will take me time. I will let you know when I find enough to warrant the travel back to Toplin. I ask for your patience."


"I found your optic today.... at least I think I did. I will try to make my way to Toplin in the next few days. I travel by foot so it will take me time." 

Drops his radio in a bucket of water that he trips over

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