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  • Diamond

Welcome @Lukeywatson,

Unfortunately for you we do not have any PS4 or Xbox servers anymore.

I would not know any PS4 servers since I do not have a PS4 but it would also be against the rules to promote one. 

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  • Media Team

Where do people get the PS4/Xbox server from? That shit has been gone for like a year how tf people still asking for it? lmao 

Anyway hope you have a PC because this is PC only. Welcome lad

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  • Legend

Sorry man but our community is a PC only. We had console servers for a little bit as a test but that idea got scrapped because of the highly low population they held.

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  • Diamond

Yeah as the others have said, we did have a ps4 server but unfortunately it didn't hit off due to how low the population was, so a decision was made to keep it strictly pc only. 

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