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[Livonia] Looking for building materials


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  • Sapphire

" Good morning, this is Joan Hansen broadcasting. My brother, Julius, and I are in desperate need of nails, duct tape, and One spool of metal wire.
Any spare hatchets you might be willing to part with would also be helpful. We would be willing to trade for it. Please respond if you are interested in offering assistance."


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  • Titanium

“Yeah sure what’s your location.”

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  • Diamond

*You would hear a long sigh over the station before static returns*

We're actually a little busy. Holly, stay the fuck off the radio.

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  • Sapphire

"Um....so- Are you helping or?"

There was a pause of mild confusion about the two voices on the radio.

"Well if you are still willing , hit me up on my private frequency 85.6 and we can discuss."

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