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A Better Tomorrow... [Livonia][Open]


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  • Diamond

*A small chuckle would be heard over the radio followed by a female voice *

"Hello Survivors. This morning I would like to bring you some light on the events that have occurred at Soup Kitchen. I had Lilith relay what had happened because things went a little dark..
But when I woke up to radio messages, it became apparent that someone was breaking in. Long and behold, pink armbands were worn by these intruders. Corporation. 
They had one of my members and one of my friends tied up.

So I did what I had to do. But, let this be a warning. 
They are not for survivors, they are not here to help.
They are not here for a '
Better Tomorrow'.

They extracted BLOOD, from my member.
The same thing they did in Chernarus.
This means they are not trying to 'change' nor take a clean slate. 

Corporation, I refuse to meet with you.
I refuse to associate with you.
We will continue to prevent you from harming people and continue to protect others from you.
So if this puts me on your most wanted list, so be it. I welcome it with open arms.
I used to be afraid of you... Now I'm not.

So much for trying to be the good guys.

As for 'good guys'. This next message directed towards the NATO forces in the Nadbor Region. 
We have heard you are now the security force for Corporation.
We have also had multiple friends and allies robbed by you and raided by you.

If you dare to call yourselves NATO still, then I suggest you clean up your act and actually do what NATO should be doing.
Instead of robbing innocent civilians and raiding innocent camps.
This is your only warning as well, not to get bed with Corporation."

*She'd release her PTT*

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  • MVP

*Michael listens to his radio as he arches a brow with a slight smirk, he then presses the button as he replies.*

"Get in touch Phoenyxx. My frequency is 136.9"

*Michael then releases it again.*

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  • Diamond

Hutch hears the powerful words of Phoenyxx, trying to figure out what the hell a Nadbor region is.

"Hello, this is Hutch, second in command of Wolf Pack. The other night when we came to retrieve our Soup Kitchen friends' belongings, one of your moronic members said that I took them as a slave. I'd like to just clear this up quickly, I have no idea what this guy was talking about. Quit being edgy weirdos and just be normal people. Otherwise, we'll just keep slaughtering your 'operators' until there is no one left to do a nose job."

Hutch chuckles thinking about when Juice was run over with a truck.

"Oh, and to the NATO goons... Are they paying you in helicopters to kiss your ass? They offered me like 2 of them at one point."

He lets go of the PTT and smiles from ear to ear, knowing that some edgy people who most likely wear table cloths on their head are now upset.

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Ken pushes down his PTT, hesitating for a few seconds before he finally speaks.

"This is Ken.. My first week in Chernarus, my first week away from my own group of safety since this all began-- I was held hostage by the Corporation. I feared you guys ever since, the appearence, the organisation.. It all terrified me.

Not anymore. If you have to pick on such small fish and have to bully a soup kitchen? You're glorified raiders and bandits who use goverment equipment. Next time I won't quiver. I won't cry and sob in fear of my life-- I'll puff up my chest and stare you down. I'm not going to be bullied.

As for NATO? I've always believed in the army, in goverments.. Everything I ever hear is that you guys are nothing more but soldiers turned raiders. If any of you ever watched movies before all of this, and you've seen Twenty Eight Days Later... That's what you are. The scumbag soldiers in that movie who have no honour or dignity. Step up or fuck off. We don't want you here."

He lets it go, exhaling. "I'm going to regret that."

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  • Emerald

*Cap takes a deep breath followed by a sigh*

..... people fear what they dont understand.....
..... hate what they cant conquer......
you can lie all you want about us. the truth is you know only what we allow you to know.
dont fool yourselves thinking this would make us tremble in our boots.
good to know you people still need to trashtalk us to make you feel important an tough... while we all know that aint the case.

*Cap smirks while releasing the PTT*

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  • Diamond

*Pressing down the button on his radio and speaking into it clearly, an American teen's voice breaks through the static.*

"Do you honestly think a secret shadow organization known for abducting people and performing experiments, that anyone truly believes you when you claim people are spreading lies? You just admitted that people only know the things you want them to. What's that Lassie? There's dozens of witnesses who constantly talk about the things they've done, and they themselves admitted to doing these things in the past and are claiming they aren't doing these things anymore in Livonia? Sounds like the corporation fell down a well to me and trapped themselves with their own words. You claim you aren't doing anything, and yet literally last night you show up with your pink armbands with your triangle logo you're known to wear in Chernarus, and take blood and interrogate people, and once again there are witnesses. So yeah boogeymen with a notorious reputation for twisting the truth, claim people are lying more. It's like reading a book or watching a play, you are the most cliche villains and people need only read the title of the book/play to know what you're about these days."

*Releasing the button on his radio, he placed it back into his vest pocket and kept walking.*

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*Open Cast Message*

"Citizens of Livonia, to you I say please judge for yourself and do not be influenced by other peoples opinions. We are among the last organisations in the world that continue to study this infection that has devastated all of our lives across the globe.  We do not seek to control anyone or anything, we simply wish to go about our research in peace.  The reason for any and all our business here is directed towards cures and vaccines for not just our people but all peoples, everywhere.  Yes, we have a militant arm that has access to enough firepower to ensure people that have fallen into insanity, like those claiming to be wolves, are kept at bay.  We are not limited to Livonia and our organisation is world wide, it is not our intent or want to impose law and order, but we -will- defend ourselves and the innocent should the situation arise.  Which might I add has, arisen before with this particular group, they fight us for the same reason they will fight some of you, resources.  We have had a hard hand in past events because of groups like, the wolf pack with greater threat comes escalation.  A deadly form of influenza is sweeping through Asia at this time and we are preparing vaccinations for those whom want them.  Please be safe."


"To you, little wolf.  See you in the forest." 

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  • Sapphire

*Shelby would drop his plate carrier on the ground as to pick out the bullets stuck into it.*

"Listen mate, haven't got a clue what cure you are talking about when all you do is capture people for *research purposes* and take their blood as well as torture and brainwash them as seen in a couple mates i know. Now ive asked to see change but im seeing the same exact shit with the same exact sloppy Operators. Not much of a militia when your men arent even on the same page half the time. Please stay away from people and please do not attack charitable people. Right and i dont think you will be seeing me in the forest but rather muzzle flashes.*

*Shelby would finish picking the scarp out of his carrier and get a move on.*

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  • Diamond

*Daniel presses down on his PTT*

"Oh the joy of assumption... free will must be a curse because if you chose to believe these lies created from a few isolated events then you will never understand. This is not an attack on you, nor is it a declaration but it is a fact, You trifle with powers you have little to no understanding of."

Daniel Pauses...

"Our operations are solely to assist people who suffer at the hands of diseases, I do not agree with all of our actions, but the people of this country seem hellbent on making our jobs harder. I will not hesitate to raise my weapon in defense, nor will I choose to stand idly by while people I've worked with get cursed and blamed. My proclamation is this, if you do not cease your actions of violence there will be hell to pay. This is Daniel Pratt, signing off."

*Daniel Sighs aloud as he releases his PTT*

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  • Emerald

*Wulf Chimes in*

"So they raided the soup did they..."

"Okay, that's a shame."

*Wulf begins having a dialogue with someone near him*

"Hang about. This isn't the first time they raided a kitchen now is it"

"Remember down in Nadbor way back... Ye ye ye, that curry mine. Rakeesh was it? Something like that"

*You hear laughter*

"Yeee some kid told Moretti he got kuru from a curry and cured it with charcoal tabs"

*You hear more laughing*

"And Moretti bought that shit, teamed up and raided the place, cleaned it out."

"I wonder what the deal is with hitting kitchens."

"Easy targets or... Hmm"

*Wulf chimes out*

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  • Sapphire

Marik tuned into the frequency.

"I will try to explain this a little bit more indepth; seeing I believe the message is directed towards Taskforce: 66. I honestly believe that there is several men around claiming to be NATO forces and spreading rumors around. Security for the Corporation? Where did you even get this information.. I spoke into the frequency and said I agreed with the philosophy against the infected, we have not in a singular occasion met men of this organisation; altough with the amount of concerns raised surounding the rumors here; we'll launch an investigation and see what we can come up with. 

Your anger against us is misplaced and ill informed. You'll see when our paths cross." 


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*Buckly puts down a wooden pipe and picks up his radio*

"Yea you can always trust secret organizations who brag about others only knowing what they want known. I mean look at world history its filled with secret groups who had nothing but humanities best interest at heart. And I am sure there is no chance that a secret organization had any part to play in creation of and or spread of the infection?

If you couldn't hear that, it was me rolling my eyes.  

 And if you are truly trying to help humanity, then what can you share with other survivors about the infection? What can you tell us about the rest of the world? What knowledge do you openly share?  If you have such power then why not bring order to this world?  Your words are sent over the radio yet I choke on the stench heresy. Because your secrecy betrays you, you seek knowledge. Knowledge is power, and you guard it well.  Let me leave you with this well known quote that I follow .

 “If anyone can refute me—show me I’m making a mistake or looking at things from the wrong perspective—I’ll gladly change. It’s the truth I’m after, and the truth never harmed anyone.” – Marcus Aurelius

*Buckly lets go of the PTT and sets the radio down and picks up his pipe again and waits*

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  • Diamond

*Daniel Listens intimately, this seems like a man of intelligence. He presses his PTT*

"Sir, it seems like you understand more than others. If I may elaborate... people refuse to change, order in the world is something we could never hope to bring whilst the world itself wishes to remain as it is... We hide our knowledge as a way to protect the people from chaos. Think on this, what if we suddenly unveiled a way to restore the world to it's previous state? Would people accept this statement, or would they create even more Chaos?"

*A gunshot is heard through the PTT*

"People are why we are secretive, I'm violating my orders in saying this, but the fact is that we cannot ascend from the shadows unless the people are in a state of peace and calm. Perhaps we should be more open, but at this point we are not ready to do so--"

"Times up Pratt... You've violated protocol and will hereby be placed on trial. Trench, Silence that radio!"

*PTT suddenly goes dead*

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  • MVP

*A soft Slavic accent chimes into the radio frequency.*

"Hello. This is Sabina from the Soup Kitchen. Um.. There's surely a lot to be said here... I'll take it slow, so bear with me."

*She took a deep breath before continuing, remaining calm although her heart was pounding.*

"So I guess to begin with I shall briefly describe the philosophy of the Soup Kitchen. We aim to be a perfectly neutral outpost; a humble camp that helps other survivors with supplies and food and water - the basic necessities to sustain life, among a myriad of other things. We just want peace, and a welcoming place where people can come to rest and eat a warm meal.

Lately, there have been many reports to us from others, as well as our own eyes witnessing Potias Cras armbands in our camp - coincidentally all when there are the sounds of wood being broken, locks being sawed through, and nails ripped out of gates. I have seen your compound. Your huge compound, complete with fancy medical tents and high-tech equipment. By comparison, we are a simple and humble Summer camp. We have far fewer people, no walls enclosing us, no grand goals to try and stop the infection. We simply want to help others be able to survive it by offering what we have, which is meager in comparison to a large Corporation such as the one in question here.

I hear your dream of finding a cure for the infection, but your methods contradict your words. If you truly wanted to help others, you would be kind and compassionate as you go about it. You would open clinics and ask that survivors like yourselves come forward to donate their blood willingly, instead of while looking down the barrel of your rifles.

You would ask, instead of taking by force.

And if that didn't work? Well, you're clever. You'd find another way. You have the manpower and resources. Yet you still find time from your endeavors to bully others, beat them down, and steal from charities such as the Soup Kitchen that only want to help others. Your actions speak far louder than your fake words.

To end my rambling, I will simply leave you with the choice of either continuing your destructive ways, or to change for the better and truly act how you say you are. If you would like something, please simply ask us and we would more than likely give you what you want. Just because we are an easy target, doesn't mean we shouldn't be respected like anyone else who fights back.

Thank you for listening. Be safe out there, everyone."

*The radio clicks as the girl releases the PTT of her device.*

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  • Sapphire

:: A cold, tired voice would come over the frequency ::

"Been listening for a while now. Lot of talk going on it seems."

"Nice to know some of you have got enough brains to see the skin collectors for who they really are."

"But I am severely troubled-"

:: There would be a short pause of silent transmission ::

"I hear folks talk of right or wrong, good or bad. You seem- to be missin' the big picture."

"It's kind of cute actually, listening to you corpos defend yourselves. Offering friendship and a place to stay for these people."

"I wonder, who's your lead operator lately? You fellas care to throw me a bone? I'd prattle off some names, but hey you know how it is- you kill each other off if you don't get the job done. It's alright though, I understand quotas and all that. I'm just wondering who I'd have to address if I wanted to speak to some, old friends."

"I mean I'd hope we'd be friends by now. You gave me all these nice things after all! I've got these documents of your targets, test subjects, blood samples, et cetera. I've got all these pretty IDs of yours. It really was fun visiting those compounds of yours. How much do these tablets cost anyway? I just wish I had taped more of a confession outta those so-called traitors of yours. You know, before you had them whacked."

:: There is an audible soft sigh as the voice pauses ::

"I'd hope by now you'd know who this is. I mean your folk proposed letting bygones be bygones with anyone. So tell me Op-er-ator-"

"You care to have a sit down with a damned Drifter?"

"Or are you content on continuing to be the enemy of humanity?"

"There's a cold wind blowin' through Livonia I hear, and it's whispering your name. You stay safe out there."

:: The transmission fades out ::

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  • Legend

"I feel like you'd get much more done and have a way easier time collecting samples if you just asked people nicely rather than shoving a gun up their nose and stealing blood from people.
Like, have a voluntary blood drive at the soup kitchen or some shit...

You also told me you weren't thieves? But once I was locked safely in my cabin I watched you pry open the soup kitchen cabins, stealing tents and various equipment.
What for? You were already armed to the teeth...

Even then, the majority of you were taken out by a single person trying to rescue us, and afterwards the rest of you ran around like headless chickens.
You pretend like you're some big scary military organisation but really you guys are some weirdos cosplaying in the apocalypse cause none of you know your arse from your elbow...
Y'all have NO military training what-so-ever, bunch of LARP-ers."

Lilith pokes the fire gently, a slight sizzling could be heard.

"Make yourselves useful, rather than being lying little shit stains hiding in the shadows and pretending anyone is actually scared of you.
Love, Jane Doe"

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