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[Livonia] Too you mass murdering Tinkers

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*Bearded man with a severely scarred left cheek pick up his radio and presses the PTT*

You came looking for us and to cause trouble pretending to be all righteous like you travelling paddy bastards think you are all good, my mother told to never trust a gypsy bastard and seems she was right.

You hold up some innocent folk that are trying to help everyone by providing medical aid in Toplin but then you gunned them down and others you sick fucks we are coming for you we’re going to burn down and destroy everything you hold dear!!

You accuse us of harbouring a rapist and when it is publicly declared this ain’t true you go shooting anything you can find?? Hah fucking pussy paddy’s!!

To everyone in Livonia don’t trust the Joyce’s filthy lying murderers !!!

*The man lets out a deep breath as he releases the the PTT and scratches his beard before slumping into a chair*

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  • Legend

*A young voice crackles through your radio, speaking in a skeptical tone,*

"Wait, who died? Wait-- Doctors at the hospital died? Hol' up..."

*There is a muffled shuffling of fabric over the radio device, as a distant inaudible questioning yell can be heard*

"Hmm ... Don't think that was us but I heard some commotion may have happened, but then again we're all alive and counted for.. Perhaps it was related to some unaffiliated civilians or somethin'?

We really can't stop people from hatin' each other and runnin' into the hospital for easy shelter during a fight since we're all 'help those in need no matter who!' sort of deal but yeah, nope.

We're all alive, the Kings Ridge people that is. Dunno about anyone else... But if one of us don't turn up, then I guess we'll know what happened!"

*The radio fades into silence* 


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  • Emerald

*Hughie chuckles as he hears the radio, shaking his head with a malicious grin as he holds down the PTT.*

"Its not an accusation if its true you dumb cunt. You know where to find us."

*The sound of laughter and glasses clinking together can be heard shortly before the radio falls silent.*

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“He chuckles and grabs his radio pressing the PTT a grin wide across his face”

Paddy bastard only raping were guilty of is when we’re filling your filthy cunts full of lead and you know what you must like it as you keep coming back for more...surprised any of you fuckers left...not the best of shots either made those potato guns you poor bastards used to play with didn’t help....don’t worry we’ll be over to burn down your little caravan circus...


*Laughter from several individuals can be heard in the background before the radio goes dead*


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  • Emerald

*Hughie's radio springs to life, spewing more nonsense, he begins to chuckle and lifts the radio once more.*

"Jesus lad, who put fifty pence in you?"

*The radio falls silent once more.*

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