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Our Journey Through Chernarus


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  • MVP

Zub castle be looking like the one from Livonia wtf

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  • Diamond

This is straight up surreal. I love this!!! thank you for sharing!

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I always love photos and videos about Chernarus/Czech Republic. Amazing! The only thing I remember seeing often as a kid is the Green Mountain Transmitter, as it's not that far from Prague itself, where I used to live. But it was so long ago (1990-1996). Gotta do a journey like this one day...

There's even a waterpump... 

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It was just a great trip with @Mikey and @Franny ... It was a lot of fun and was really always a feeling of familiarity and this WOW moment when you discovered something that you actually don't know but still know. I kept filling up like I was an IC ... it was just great and if I think that Franny and I live only 2 hours away it is kind of funny. I can only recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to have a look there and go on a discovery tour ... it is so much fun and is a great experience!





And afterwards there are a few pictures of me!

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12 minutes ago, cheeks said:

Wie heißt die Region und wie hießen die Städte, in die Sie gegangen sind? Das ist wirklich interessant!

@cheeks The city is called Ústí nad Labem. And if you look at google maps you can see that the whole area is around the city of South Zagoria. You can really find almost anything there!

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14 minutes ago, cheeks said:

What's the region called and what were the towns called that you went to? This is really interesting!

go on google maps and search for usti nad labem,where the black sea would be there is just a river.

If you know the map well you will instantly see it.


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  • Emerald

I always get a weird immersed feeling looking at IRL DayZ Pics, I dunno why.

Some cool shots tho, I wish the hunter cabins were as colourful in game, that would be banter.

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