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Diary of Kent Blackgrove

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Well, it has been a Week now since i stranded in Chernarus but i found some Survivors that gave me some Information. Apparently most of the People left Chernarus and travelled over to Livonia so i decided to do the same. I searched the Cargoshipwreck ,with which i came here, for a Boat and actually found one. It was the only one that was in a kinda good Shape. I didn´t left a Note or anything for the others in Berezino, they don´t have to know. Only the fittest survive, they have to care for themselfs but they can do that pretty well i guess. With that said i´m heading out now. See you all in the new Land.

Finally arrived in the new Land and after going around some Places, i thought about how much Fun it actually is to slaughter these fucking braindead Bitches. I think from now on i´m gonna enjoy it.
After a few Days i already lost my Fear to anything and decided to show my Face to People and start using my real Name.
Do you know what the Definition of Insanity is? It´s when you do the same fucking Thing over and over again and expect different Results. Guess we are all mad here.

Who ever wrote this is hopefully dead already, i got knocked out by someone when i arrived with my Boat in Livonia. When i woke up again, all my Gear was gone. I heard that there was a mentally ill Patient stationed at the Hospital, it may have been him. Well this Writing is not mine. I think he forgot to take the Journal with him after he wrote his Sickness into it. I will find him.....and i will kill him.

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