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Whitelist denied, need advice.

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Hi, my whitelist application was denied because my character story lacks these:

1. Full name
2. How/why they are in Chernarus
3. Fits our lore

I will put a name in my reaplication. 

But wonder how I can conform my backstory with lore, when the lore is about Chernarus, and the server is on Livonia?
You also you ask for a reason why the character is in Chrnarus, we the server is again in Livonia, but I have actually given a reason why he is there. 

"When the oubreak happened Gamling was stationed at the UN country Office in Chernogorsk in Chernorus, and managed to survive the chaos that followed. Now he is wandering trough Europe, suffering from PTSD and have somehow found his way to Livonia"

And finally I do not see how his story does not fit the lore. He works for the UN, and as we know both Livonia and Chernarus is full evidence UN troops where there (Zombies where UN berets, etc.).

I want to conform with what you need to whitelist me, and roleplay accordingly. I just need some help getting the story right. ?

Best regards


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The comment made is a general note we put on all denied applications to show what we are looking for in order to pass the final stage of the whilstlist.

1. A full name (to show you know how to make a character for a role play server)

2. How and why they are in Chernarus (To show commitment that you are willing to and have read the lore and understand where things are for RP on the server)

3. Fits the lore (As said above this is a realistic RP community we don’t want to see extremely crazy stories that go above and beyond what has been set up)


Now in your case one of these criteria were missing and the missing one is really simple: Gambling is not a full name.

This is a RP server, we are not like all the other servers out there, we are dedicated to giving the player the most realistic RP experience available and to do that guidelines must be followed.

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