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S2 - Sitnik - Attempted Invalid Kill on Sight - 25/02/2020


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Server and location: S2 - Sitnik/Soup Kitchen West

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4 am GBT 25/02/2020

Your in game name: Filomena Hendrix

Names of allies involved: @i am Bambi

Name of suspect/s: @HDragon

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: 

Video one shows me randomly being shot out of the blue.

Video two will show the interest of creating RP by said person explains to me but only cares about hacksaws, building fences and not giving a singular shit about his group member / IC girlfriend.


Basically I was role playing with some peeps and I get shot when heading back to the An Pobal prefab. I get shot twice. 

Now taking into consideration about an hour prior I had taken part in hostility (my group mainly, I just robbed the place) - that it could've been a Potius Cras member.

As you can tell my initial reaction, I'm shocked and confused to where I'm being shot and why. I quickly make sure it was a valid shot by @Eagles as ICly I've been hearing people were being shot at soup base and Sabina covered in blood. So my OOC concern is it may be a KOS spree. 

Nope, turns out to be the leader of An Pobal shooting me claiming OOC it was scripted roleplay which I can have others  to back me up on him saying this in discord as I know he will use the discord messages stating "I never said it was scripted roleplay."

His excuse was to "Create roleplay reasons and make it seem like Potias Cras so they can tell people and hunt them more." Which to me is more PVP focused.

Basically I'm reporting for Attempted Invalid Kill on Sight. I find it disappointing to know my own group member did this, especially the leader. Why? Because he put me on red health. Nearly killing me. Whether or not it was to create roleplay, it was uncalled for. If I was prewarned, I'd be aight with it and still RP it out but I'm just shot??? Not once


I've simply left the group due to it's toxic nature and can no longer deal with this any longer.







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03:54:50 | Player "Filomena Hendrix" (pos=<11546.6, 10235.4, 173.6>) hit by Player "Callahan McDuffin" (pos=<11343, 10352.2, 170.4>) with M417 from 234.739 meters 
03:55:20 | Player "Filomena Hendrix" (pos=<11669, 10354.5, 174.7>) hit by Player "Callahan McDuffin" (pos=<11357, 10388.9, 171.1>) with M417 from 313.987 meters



03:59:07 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *She holds onto her leg and side, trembling*
04:01:30 | Chat("Callahan McDuffin"): //WHERE WAS SHE SHOT
04:01:39 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): //Thigh and abdomen
04:02:04 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *Her head seems to sway*
04:03:22 | Chat("Alex Koveli"): *gazes down  towards Filomena as he pulls his mask down.*
04:03:53 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *Her right leg seems slumped*
04:05:17 | Chat("Alex Koveli"): *slides his arms under Filomena's, lifting her from the shoulders*
04:05:23 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *She slowly slumps from weakness*
04:06:44 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *She holds her gut weakly, panting heavy breaths*
04:06:47 | Chat("Alex Koveli"): *Gently helps Filomena slide into the car, He tosses his Poncho onto the seat for comfort... And also to keep the blood off the god damn interior*
04:07:04 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *Her complexion slowly goes whiter by the minutes as she sweats and becomes clammy*
04:08:24 | Chat("Alex Koveli"): *Leans over the seat, peering towards Filomena*
04:08:36 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *She leans her head back*
04:08:36 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *She leans her head back*
04:10:43 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *She slowly slips in the seat, fading into unconciousness from shock and blood loss*
04:14:32 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *She is unconcious, her untied leg completely bleeding out on the seat.*
04:14:46 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *Her hand slopped to the side as her abdomen bleeds*
04:14:57 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *She shows bare conciousness*
04:15:48 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): //the wound is completely open, both of them
04:15:57 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): //it works for her thigh, slowing the bleeding
04:18:37 | Chat("Alex Koveli"): *looks back as he slides up his goggles..looking Filomena up and down*
04:19:10 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): //a large blown out proportion from her shirt - a bullet wound bleeding from her abdomen
04:22:35 | Chat("Alex Koveli"): *Looks back at Filomena once more*
04:22:50 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *Her face is now ghostly white*
04:24:24 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *She is completely unconcious, body ragdolled  in the back seat just coated in blood*
04:25:59 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *The woman is coated in blood and two bullet wounds, the back seat of the car looks like a murder scene*
04:26:25 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *The woman is white complexion, completely unconcious*
04:27:05 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *Her warmth is slowly escaping her body*
04:28:28 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *When you pull her out, she will just flop like a ragdoll. Dead weight too.* //when you rp this
04:28:28 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *When you pull her out, she will just flop like a ragdoll. Dead weight too.* //when you rp this
04:31:30 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *Her left leg is tightened with a belt around her.*
04:31:52 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *It has a large bullet wound whilst she has a bleeding abdomen wound*
04:33:43 | Chat("Filomena Hendrix"): *She is completely pale and losing her warmth*



01:59:17 | Player "Filomena Hendrix" is connected
04:36:27 | Player "Filomena Hendrix" has been disconnected

03:32:07 | Player "Callahan McDuffin" is connected
05:27:03 | Player "Callahan McDuffin" has been disconnected

Calling in the following players for their POV or any un-edited video evidence they may have.

@Mademoiselle - Filomena Hendrix - OP
@HDragon - Callahan McDuffin - POSTED

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Callahan McDuffin POV:

Callahan has just woken up and is told that the Joyces, Russian Mercenaries, and some An Pobal members are in an active firefight with Postius Cras who allegedly attacked the Joyces first in which my group members came to assist them being the heroes that they are. After some time the fight is over as all the Potius members are killed, we storm the building and take some loot. After this we return to our OP bunker base and begin to store some of the loot and being to build the walls since the server was just wiped. After some time of sitting around I make the executive decision that we need to shed light on Potius as some bad people. As Filomena is sitting across the lake I take a shot at her which I missed on purpose, she acknowledge the shot by saying something along the line of "Whoa shot just snapped past us" she then continues to casually jog along the road. She then is hit and this is where her RP shines as she being screaming for help and roleplaying out her injuries. This is when I approach the base saying that I was in Grabin looking for nails. I start to RP with her when I am given the suggestion that a car full of people take her to the Topolin hospital.


I'd like to speak on the fact that she says that I only cared about the hacksaws and gate building even though she is my IC girlfriend. I would like to say that it has been well known by An Pobal members that Callahan is sick of Filomena and has even branched out to start spending time with another woman behind Filomena's back. So for him to not make it the biggest deal of 2020 is fairly reasonable since he is really over the relationship but hasn't had the chance to talk about it one on once since she was on a "hiking trip". I'd also like to add that with the IC drama of relationships she has updated her character page to say that the gunshot wounds were inflicted by Callahan and that she is now single, all of which would technically be meta-gamed information since there is not a single member of The Joyces, The Russian Mercenaries, or An Pobal that knows ICLY that is was Callahan that shot.


19 hours ago, Mademoiselle said:

I quickly make sure it was a valid shot by @Eagles as ICly I've been hearing people were being shot at soup base and Sabina covered in blood. So my OOC concern is it may be a KOS spree. 

Here @Mademoiselle attempts to do which I think is an attempt to meta-game. During the active situation she messages a GM for logs on who shot her instead of waiting till the situation is fully over or deemd as safe. She asks for logs immediately to determine if she was shot validly which easily destroys the roleplay when provided.


19 hours ago, Mademoiselle said:

Basically I'm reporting for Attempted Invalid Kill on Sight

19 hours ago, Mademoiselle said:

I've simply left the group due to it's toxic nature and can no longer deal with this any longer.

I wanna point out in these two quotes that are a major conflict of interest. First she states that she is reporting for Attempted Invalid Kill then she says that she left the group and attempts to to a backhand comment about it. If it is the group she has an issue with she has always been given the advice to just leave the group, there is no reason for OOC hate and salt reports.


OOC Hate
The main event that I'd like to respond to in this report is that I believe that this report is purely driven on OOC hate which I would like the admin team to investigate. I believe that this is driven by OOC hate for a few reasons:

  • Sometime around February 7th I was approached by @Mademoiselle saying that she is leaving the group because all we as a group do is piss her off and take aim at her OOCly because of some mental health issues she is dealing with. This is flat out false. When we address the issues that she presented we are greeted with a raised tone of voice and some harsh words. We had tried to solve the issues but every time that something came about she would always lay the blame saying I am the source of almost every issue she has. Now, in my personal opinion I believe that if someone is bothering you that much you should just walk away, or in this case, leave the group. 


  • I've had to previously speak to the admin team about @Mademoiselle regarding her multiple forum wars with a few community members. When told to present an ultimatum to her she begins to scream that I did this to remove her from the group and that we are grasping at any reason to get her banned, this happened at the same time that she had attempted to bride a community member to not report her for blackmail (at least I think it was blackmail). All this can be backed by other An Pobal leadership and can be personally contacted by the admin team if there are any questions about that situation in specific.


  • Right as her stream ends from the encounter detailed in the report we hop into the same comms along with a good amount of An Pobal members. In this conversation there is a lot of yelling from her side. I allowed her to speak on her half and answered each of her questions calmly and with truth. @Mademoiselle then again, curses me out then says she is done with the group before she leaves the group's discord and CP. After this she joins her own discord with the company of Atrix and Squilliam (two people that there is some definite OOC tension between myself and them) to start writing the report of the century. At this point two of my members join her discord to try and talk to her about this whole thing in to which they are basically told that "Dragon can go fuck himself". This is where majority of my words have been turned.
    • She states in her POV that I claimed that it was scripted roleplay. Anyone that knows me knows that I strongly dislike scripted roleplay.
    • As for the hunt down Potius Cras being PVP oriented this is flat out false too. PC is a long time roleplay group in this community and I believe that Gary Cash has done an excellent job in running his group to that standard. I believe that @Mademoiselle is merely pulling at straws here to try and pin me for anything she can. Even @Mademoiselle can say that before I even made An Pobal a group I had multiple interactions where I had hunted down PC and not only delivered hostileRP but was given excellent RP.



With all of this said, I would like to speak to @Mademoiselle in Helpdesk with any of the admins.

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6 minutes ago, HDragon said:


I have a few things I'd like you to address in more detail.

  • A) Why did you shoot Mademoiselle without valid kill rights?
  • B) If you knew based on the details you put above that there is OOC tension between yourself and Mademoiselle, why did you think shooting her was a good idea?
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  1. Not really pulling at straws when you shoot me out of the blue.
  2. I don't understand how this is involving OOC hate when you shot me, again, out of the blue.
  3. I was half way to Topolin when i had messaged Eagles for logs to make sure it was a valid shot to make sure it wasn't a KOS spree as confirmed. I never even took in game that Callahan shot me? So therefore metagame claims are false.
  4. If I believe a rule has been broken, i am allowed to report it. That is why the report section is there.
  5. Updating my character page does not mean I'm going to be taken in character? It's just making it more factual. Character pages are OOC information as Roland has stated beforehand.
  6. I updated the character page because Callahan / you gave no true interest as well as rumours of you cheating. My "hiking trip" was when I was forced with no internet from my broadband providers. Therefore I cannot do anything but when I RP'd in radio chatter, again, no shits were given to even RP finding me. To make sense why I left the group - I added this to my character's lore. Instead of poofing. I actually put detail in my CP pages.
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1 minute ago, Rover said:

I have a few things I'd like you to address in more detail.

  • A) Why did you shoot Mademoiselle without valid kill rights?
  • B) If you knew based on the details you put above that there is OOC tension between yourself and Mademoiselle, why did you think shooting her was a good idea?

A. Shot at her to create a believable story within RP that can be easily linked to PC.

B. Based on the past week to week and a half there has been 0 tension between her and I and all things have been quite pleasant actually. That is why I am stating OOC Hate as I believe there is an underlying hate on her plate at this table.

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1 minute ago, HDragon said:

A. Shot at her to create a believable story within RP that can be easily linked to PC.

Isn't that still scripting roleplay? That seems contradictory?

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4 minutes ago, Mademoiselle said:

Isn't that still scripting roleplay? That seems contradictory?

Scripted role play is when you speak OOCly about things that you want to happen IC. Again, this was an IC action done to create a believable story IC, that worked might I add. Your response was obviously real and so was the response of others. Nothing was seen as bad between us until you brought your OOC feelings into the situation. 

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  • El Presidente

HDragon, you can't just shoot people to create role play. I also have hard time believing it was done solely for RP purposes, despite your explanations, I am sensing some clear OOC issues here. Also, false flag operations are forbidden by rule 3.9 - creating a hostile situation where 'imaginary' kill rights are gained and shifting responsibility to enemy group can hurt their reputation.

Any other rule breaks you want to report should be handled in a separate report, we won't be handling them here.

Attempted invalid kill - @HDragon - guilty - 10 warning points, 2 day ban

Solved with @Inferno @Para @Rover

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