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NLR Unappealable?


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  • Titanium

Why in gods name would NLR be unappealable?

is this the first example of us letting AI take over?

youve seen those movies right?  

They are all horror movies


all of them



you are inevitably going to have collateral of players who have no idea they spawned near their bodies if it is handled like this

this should be handled on a case by case basis as much if not more than any other rule

and accepting that innocent players will get banned is not an acceptable approach; rules are meant to promote RP, not ban players from playing for rules they didn’t break for a few days

Someone unwittingly running near their body is not a rule break, it is them being oblivious to the map layout


tldr; ...what...





After answer edit:


okay thank god I thought it was being solved by the algorithm or what ever was telling the players positions before and after death


my apologies for assuming 


I’m glad to hear humanity still controls the machines


sorry for assuming— based off what I heard I thought that was how it was being handled— then I saw an appeal get denied and was horrified

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NLR Bans ARE NOT done by a computer. We have a system where it informs us who has broke the NLR rule by letting us know who is in a certain range of their death. We then have the GM team personally review the logs shown and match what was shown on Izurvive as well as the server logs we use for reports in order to see if the NLR break is real.

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As previously stated, if a community member genuinely feels that a mistake has been made they are more than welcome to privately message the Gamemaster that issued out the ban for NLR and they will revoke the ban should a mistake be found. Additionally, the staff team manually check the NLR logs and cross check them to make sure that there are no errors with the data being received.

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@GaryCash There's no need to be sorry, I'd also be extremely worried if the community I cared about went down that path also. I'm glad that we managed to get the answer you were looking for to you and if you have any more questions you're more than welcome to ask away. If not, I hope you have a great day!

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