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Raouldukejnr Ban Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I can't get a screenshot, but I was blacklisted for being underage roughly 3 years ago.

EDIT: I was able to dig through some emails, and have found I was banned around June 22nd, 2016-- hope this helps.


Why the verdict is not fair: Well, due to the natural passage of time, I'm no longer under the age of 16, which was what I was banned for (I'm now 18).

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I'd like to play on the white-listed server again, as I've regained interest in DayZ and enjoyed my time in this community last time I played. The blacklist has persisted on my steam account, however I have recently created a new forum account.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The ability to play on the server, as I haven't exactly broken any rule at the present moment (as there's no rule against being under 16 on the rules thread to my knowledge).

What could you have done better?: In the interest of diplomacy, I can say that attempting to pass myself on as over 16 when I clearly wasn't, was probably a stupid idea.

Thanks for your time.

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Could you send us a link to the Steam accounts you have access to and make sure that they are set to public please?

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Greetings @Raouldukejnr,

After reviewing your appeal the admin team have come to the conclusion to accept it. As we no longer have an age requirement we feel it is only fair that your blacklist is revoked and you get a chance to play within the community. However, lying about your age back in 2016 is something we hope you decide to leave in the past as we expect you stick within the DayZRP rules from here on out. To conclude, your blacklist has now been revoked meaning that you should now be able to complete the whitelist application.

With that said,
APPEAL ACCEPTED | Blacklist Revoked

Signed by me w/ notes

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