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To my pursuers


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*The Slavic man finally having found his glorious helmet picks up his radio as he sits atop the car on the hood. He grabs his radio and with a hit of his cigarette turns it on, finishing his hit as smoke releases from his mouth, he begins to speak*
"To those lovely lovely men who decided to pursue me and my comrade in my car today on the road between Svetlojarsk and Berezino. You drive like actual shit my friend, could not even keep up with an old beaten Gunter could you? And what was that you drove? A Lada Niva yah? Should let someone with better skill be behind the wheel next time... Is only kidding, just uh... What is that expression? Banter? Yah, banter. Though I am curious. Why did you decide to turn around when we drove past you, and then pursue me and my comrade hm? If any of you do hear this, let me know your reasoning yah?"
*With that said he took another hit of his cigarette and released the PTT*

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