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Anyone in Cherno near North West Airfield

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*Fintan presses down the Ptt*

Hello Fintan McDuffy here. I am currently in Vybor looking for any survivors or groups near the north west airfield. Have been looking for days. Anyone?

*Fintan releases Ptt*



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*Sal had set up a homemade drum kit, and was in the middle of a particularly kick-ass fill on the construction supply barrel when her heard the transmission come through the radio. Gripping his shottily whittled drum sticks in one hand, and his radio in the other, Sal pressed down on PTT*

Hi Fintan, my name's Anthony Salvatore, you can call me Sal. Myself and several other groups of survivors have recently been raided by military garbed men with some heavy duty tactical gear. I believe the recent aggression may be causing a lot of people to be more cautious and remain unseen. If it's still operating, there is a Pub in Berezino that people used to go to. I have ran into a number of survivors near Zeleno, and the northern city of Novaya Petrovka. There are also survivors in Cherno as well. Whatever you do, just be careful out there. 

*Sal releases his PTT, tosses his radio into his tent, and clicks 1 2 3 4 with his sticks before taking off on another rousing drum solo*

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