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Ban Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is unfair:

Was my first time playing the server, as stated above I was trapped in a base with no way out. I was just trying to break a wall to get out. The other side said I engaged in PVP and combat logged, I never engaged in PVP, if I did I didn't intentional try to. 


Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: 

Earlier in the month I was temp banned for not providing my POV to a case. I have no POV as I was not recording, however I saw the other person in the incident was also banned for tampering with the video. Here's my side of the situation, I fell into his base from the roof and was locked in, being new to Day Z I thought that maybe an explosive could destroy his door so I could get out. I was trapped in there for awhile and desperate so I found a landmine, right as I placed it they got to their base and opened the door. It didn't have a timer on, I quickly said thanks for opening the door and tried leaving, never engaged into any kind of PVP. I left the area, logged off for the day and came back to a ban. Never tried killing them, just tried escaping as I was blocked inside their base since I fell through the open roof. Hopefully we can get this resolved without my POV since I wasn't recording. It was my first time on the server to. 


What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Would be great if I can get this temp ban lifted so I can play on the servers. 


What could you have done better?:

I'm not sure what I could of done better, as it was a weird situation. I was trapped and wasn't able to escape the base. So I tried every option to get out

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@BurritoTits [Attempted Invalid Kill / Combat Logging / BadRP]: Guilty


To summarize, though the majority of the video evidence has been removed, @BurritoTits is found inside a base having just placed a landmine. BurritoTits you then proceed to say very little before logging out in front of the OP. The OP's party narrowly avoided a rather explosive demise. 

To put it simply, placing a landmine anywhere that is not inside a base you own will always count as attempted invalid kill, or in cases where it does kill someone an invalid kill on sight. You placed down a landmine inside somebody else's base. This then actively gave the OP's party kill rights on you as you did effectively try to kill them without any rights at all. Logging out immediately afterwards without saying a whole lot once confronted leaves a very poor taste in our mouths. We are a serious RP server, therefore we expect a lot better than this from our members.

Due to the explanation above, you have been found guilty of the rulebreaks above. We have also chosen to aggravate the punishment (both days and points) as we feel you lack a fundamental understanding of what it means to be in an RP server. Having only recently whitelisted, this will now be revoked as a consequence of the aggravation. If you intend to return, we urge you to read our rules thoroughly to ensure this does not happen again.


@BurritoTits [Attempted Invalid Kill / Combat Logging / BadRP]: Punishment (7 ban days & 15 warning points) + Whitelist revoked.

Signed: @APositivePara, @Voodoo & @Inferno.

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