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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Penalty: Given 10 points which expire 03/22/20 09:08 PM

Note for member

You are receiving a 3 day ban, 10 warning points and a character reset for breaking the New Life rule. The evidence of you doing this can be found below


2020-02-22 00:03:10 ::: Character Matthias Reid  killed at X:8469.6, Y:11809.6 by Martin Bjornstad (MaybeleleLR) with FN-FAL from 38 meters
2020-02-22 00:07:30 ::: Character Matthias Reid  disconnected
2020-02-22 00:24:07 ::: Character Matthias Reid  connected
2020-02-22 01:01:54 ::: Character Matthias Reid  position X:8460.0, Y:11826.2 ::: Distance: 19m, Since death: 00h 58m NLR break!

2020-02-22 01:08:28 ::: Character Matthias Reid  connected
2020-02-22 01:25:21 ::: Character Matthias Reid  disconnected

These logs show you dying and heading back towards where you died 58 minutes after your death. This breaches rule 3.4 (New Life Rule) which can be found via our rules page. In future you need to make sure that you wait at least an hour before returning to the location of your death. You can avoid getting hit by NLR by staying away from the area until the required time. 

It was recently announced that we would be actively enforcing the New Life Rule. It was stated we would be issuing bans for all NLR rule breaks both severe and not severe without the possibility to appeal.


Scarlett & the Staff Team

Why the verdict is not fair:  During a firefight in Kolembrody In which i die, (starting my timer) I respawn IN the same town the firefight was actively in. i run away and die to zombies. Change my character model I then have to wait in a 13 man queue for close to 30-35 minutes. After i'm in the game again, i realize if in the town of Topolin so i start to run. The firefight i was previously in had been over for 30 or more minutes before i even thought about going back to kolembrody. When i Arrived in the town it was an hour or so since i died. I had nothing to gain, There wasn't ANYTHING to get (i.e. Loot) i was simply heading back to An Pobal base to grab stuff from my personal locker. If you look at the logs i was 19 meters from where i died, passing through the town. Scarlet says i was 2 minutes early, where in fact i was a minute and sixteen seconds early. A tad trivial in my mind seeing as there was NOTHING i could gain from it seeing as the previous event was over, over 30 minutes before hand, and everything had despawned, also there was noone in the town other than @God (AKA Kirby).  I thought it had been an hour.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:            3.4 When your character dies you lose all memories from the situation that lead to your death. You may not return to the general location where you died for at least 1 hour after your death. You also cannot get involved in the same situation that lead to your death, even if it has moved to a different location or 1 hour has passed. Situation is considered the same as long as any side has active kill rights. Server restarts, crashes, game glitches or any other circumstances do not affect these restrictions or time limit. This is known as "New Life Rule" (NLR).       Nothing in this rule states i have to be 1000m from my body. As Well as the aforementioned hostile event was well over and done with.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:  Ban removed. (points can stay)

What could you have done better?: Been out of the town for 1 minute 16 seconds more before continuing through town

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Hello @HeartlssHeretic,

As it was mentioned in your warning there is an announcement regarding this rule. Which would have answered a few of your issues. I will link the announcement below and please read it. 

Also states on the announcement, and in your warning given. This ban is not appealable, with that said I will close this appeal.


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